Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shaq sleeves?

I've decided that the sweater is the right size, but my God, look at the sleeves! I still haven't done the underarm seams so that should help, but the damn things are still WAY too long. Who do I think I am? Shaquille O'Neal?

I've found several sites that describe shortening knitted sleeves. I'm evaluating the options, most of which involve snipping a row of stitches, catching the live stitches above on a needle, unraveling the portion below to the desired length, and then using the Kitchener stitch (which I still haven't mastered) to graft the two pieces together. Sounds difficult...

If I do this, I'm questioning whether I should just make all-brown sleeves and skip the fair isle patterning. Need to think about it. I don't think I'd miss it since there's so much going on at the top of the sweater. Cogitating as we speak...


  1. Can't you just roll the sleeves and consider it a lesson learned?! (This is me looking for the easy way out!) I also have really long arms so if you would like to send me this perfect sweater that you look GREAT in I wouldn't complain! :) Also GO YOU on losing 30 pounds. :)

  2. I don't believe you MOVED and finished this sweater too! Continental knitters knit so fast!
    It does NOT look too big, but the sleeves are definitely long. The yoke is absolutely lovely, julie!
    I agree with irishshamrocks..just let these sleeves go , knit another using this one as a template and modify the sleeves. Count this one as a teaching project.(Lord knows I have many of those)It would be hard to roll the sleeves, though , because of the design.Snipping experimentation might wreck the entire sweater and have you depressed for days!
    Thirty lbs??? You go girl! I'm tryin'.

  3. Thank you, Katie! If I cut off the cuffs, I'll send them to you with your long-ass arms!

    And Teresa, the only reason the cardigan is done is because it's therapeutic. With all the chaos in my household, I spend all day longing to knit... wish I could justify spending the day knitting right now as a matter of fact! The need for rent money SO gets in the way of a happy life. ;-)

  4. I've done it; it is not for the faint of heart.
    Good luck!

  5. Experimental Knitter, could I email you for suggestions on this and to ask you another question or two? Please email me at if you don't mind me emailing you back. Many thanks for reading my blog!

  6. I say hold off an alterations until you have blocked it! Who knows what crazy stuff will happen when it hits the water?

  7. The best way I found to do kitchener stitch when I am nervous about it is to knit a few rows of contrasting colors on each part, then follow the path the contrasting yarn took with your sewing yarn. After you're finished grafting, you remove the contrasting yarn, and voilĂ ! It really works well for me.