Thursday, April 29, 2010

Side projects status report

While the soon-be-chopped-apart Handstrikket lies folded in my knitting basket, I am toiling away on two side projects: my Northman Mittens and Marmalade Skies Afghan.

On Ravelry, I have retitled my Northman Mittens to "Mid-Atlantic Woman Mittens" since that's who I am. I finished the right mitten last night and started on the lining. The pattern is really cool: you make the outside of the mitten, pick up stitches under the lower braid, and then knit a lining out of a sport-weight yarn. When you're done, you just push the lining inside and - voila! - you have a fair isle mitten that's just as beautiful inside as out.

This mitten will look a lot better when it's blocked, but isn't it pretty? I've said it before and I'll say it again: Berroco Ultra Alpaca rocks.

Now for the Marmalade Skies Afghan. These days, I take this big project wherever I go. I'm now whipping out granny squares while waiting at the bank, doctor's office, dog groomer, etc. I don't mind biding my time if I can knit or crochet, so this has become my go-to portable project. I've finished 20 out of 90 red granny squares and still have a gazillion black ones to go, but it's coming along. My Ravelry name for the project is Checkerboard Unchecked because, in red and black, that's what it looks like to me.

The afghan is going to take a while, but I'll keep plugging away. I'm going to finish the mittens and then whip up a pair of socks - I'm thinking of Ann Budd's classic On-Your-Toes Socks. Then it's back to the Handstrikket. And that, unfortunately, is going to take forever and a day.   :-(


  1. AND.... they are the POINTY ones!
    So put your Handstrikket aside for a while and work on something else.
    It's gonna take a certain 'window' when all is ready to begin re-tackling that..especially after all the st st.
    So work on your nice afghan and your terrific pointy North Atlantic mittens and enjoy as you relax for a bit. Then hit ample the drawing board again.
    You can sure knit fast, girl!

  2. lol... I thought of you last night, Teresa when I finished those points. I know how much you love them!