Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A beautiful block and more

I know you've already seen 40 pictures of my new Northman mitten, but I just love how well the Berroco Ultra Alpaca blocks up. Look at the pretty stitches! I can't wait until I finish and block the Handstrikket. Now I know it will look beautiful.

New project alert: last night I started Kristen TenDyke's Crochet Motif Cardigan. Here's Kristen herself modeling her own creation.

Kristen designed this sweater with Classic Elite Wool Bam Boo, and lo and behold, I have a boatload of that very yarn in my stash! (Please give me kudos for not buying more yarn - I am trying hard to be a responsible, non-yarn-addicted adult). I'm going to make this lacy cardigan to wear to my nephew's wedding in June. Kristen has kindly agreed to consult in my efforts to upsize the design. Fortunately, it's created with granny squares; by making each square larger, I can automatically make the sweater bigger. I'm swatching now and will keep you posted, but here's the beginning of one square:

I'm being very ambitious with this whole let's-make-a-sweater-by-June-5th thing. Today I complicated the entire process by visiting Joann Fabrics and buying four yards of gorgeous cream-colored linen. (Ssshhhh... I know I just bragged about not buying yarn, but fabric is different, right? Wink!) My plan: make a simple tank dress to wear under the cardigan. Yet another thing to accomplish by June 5!

You probably don't know that I've sewn forever and even worked as a fabric store manager for a few years in the 80s. Back then, I couldn't find anything decent to wear so I made most of my clothes. Now it's not so difficult so I hardly ever sew. But this little combo gives me the chance to flex my sewing muscles and create the just-right outfit. I'm going to make McCalls 2208, a very simple, very classic, very easy, and hopefully very quick to finish tank dress.


  1. I used to sew all my children clothes. I haven't sewn a thing in over 10 years. I can't find the time anymore, especially since I just acquired a spinning wheel and now I split my time between my knitting and my new passion: spinning. That's until I get the weaving loom I am saving for.... just no time to sew I tell you ... :)

  2. Michele, thanks for all the postings! I would LOVE to see the fruit of your labor. Send me some pics of your yarn. My friend and freshman roommate, Chris, is learning to spin, too. I feel like I'm missing the boat, but I've got too much to knit/crochet/sew for the time being. Glad you're loving it!