Monday, May 31, 2010

Handstrikket sleeve redux

I've spent much of my long Memorial Day weekend working on my Handstrikket sleeve. To recap, I made this cardigan only to discover that it was way too large, including its Kareem Abdul Jabbar arms.

After consulting with a LYS owner, I chopped the Handstrikket apart and started reknitting it from the top down.

I finished the new sleeve yesterday and I LOVE how it fits. Such a huge difference, no pun  intended! I'm not sure you can tell much from the pictures, but here are the before and the after sleeves. With the before pic, I'd knitted about two-thirds of the sleeve. As you can see, in the new version I've removed the extraneous fabric under the arms and have shortened the sleeve considerably.

BEFORE - about two-thirds done, knitted from the bottom up

AFTER - knitted from the top down

I made some minor mods to the cuff, too. I think it's really pretty.

I started on the second sleeve last night. I'm excited to be moving right along. Maybe the endless stockinette body won't bother me so much if I feel like it's really going to fit well at the end.

I'm also changing the bottom of the sweater, btw. I'm canning the two-inches of ribbing and adding a hem that won't draw in under my big butt. I think this will be more becoming. I'm going to use a unique technique for the hem... more on that when I get to the bottom. - again, no pun intended! Enjoy your Memorial Day everyone. We're having a barbecue, but I'll be over in the corner knitting away waiting for the steaks to cook. I hope you can get some serious knitting in today, too.


  1. You are so patient, m'dear!

  2. thanks, Teresa... let's hope it fits this time!

  3. The sleeve looks great, Julie. The mods you made to the cuff look lovely--more feminine, I think. I can tell that you are feeling motivated!

  4. Ann, thanks! I think the cuff is more feminine, too. It's not exactly like the model garment, but it works. More importantly, it fits!

  5. I like the mods to the sleeves. Very pretty.

    Now, I'm motivated to get back to re-working my Ditto with my mods. :)

  6. Calico, I'd love to see your Ditto if you have pics. I found the project on Ravelry but only saw the yarn. I made this sweater last year and would love to see your creation if you're willing to share.

    Thanks for the compliment and for continuing to read my blog. :-)

  7. Wow that takes commitment! I don't think I have that much courage. Good for you!

  8. Julie, love the mods to the sleeve design. I can see from your picture with the original finished sweater on that you think you are much larger and apparently, taller than you really are! Someday I am just going to knit something one or even two sizes smaller than I think I am.