Friday, May 28, 2010

Knitting at Knoon Knirvana

I'm happy to report that Knitting at Knoon has launched its first plus-size pattern in what will eventually be a new line for ample women. I discovered this cute vest yesterday on the Cascade Yarns blog and ended up having an email discussion with Chris de Longpre, the designer behind Knitting at Knoon.

The Simply Squared Plus vest, which comes in finished bust sizes up to 64 inches (God bless her!), will be becoming for many ample women, myself included. And it's a quick and easy knit using heavy worsted yarn. The pattern is available from Jimmy Beans Wool.

In the coming months, Chris plans to offer her Hyacinth cardigan in plus sizes. This beautiful design will look great on ample bodies, too.

Knitting at Knoon is primarily a wholesaler and only publishes patterns twice a year in May and December, so we may be waiting a bit. But I'm looking forward to seeing what else Chris comes up with given these first two fine designs.

An update on my broken and bruised boyfriend, Tom: he is on the mend but is still in a lot of pain. He was attempting to go back to work today but is still too hurt. He also faces the challenge involved in driving 100 miles to his office with a broken right foot - his driving foot. We'll see how he does this weekend. (He also broke three ribs and his collarbone during a motorcycle accident last Saturday.)

Meanwhile, I'm pretty miserable. Tom told me yesterday that he can't promise he'll never get back on the bike again and I'm not sure I can live with this. Clearly we've got a lot of talking to do and I've got some hard decisions to make. Thank God for knitting, my ultimate stress reducer. Right now Tom makes me wish I could spend 24x7 curled up with yarn and needles.


  1. Hi. Thanks for blogging about Simply Squared Plus and my other up-coming plus design. Beginning this morning, the Simply Squared Plus pattern is also available from Patternfish as a pdf download.

    Chris de Longpre
    Knitting At KNoon Designs

  2. That would make for a great stash buster,too!
    The gauge is easy to substitute.
    I have never used Pastaza, but the reviews say it sheds and is scratchy, so I would opt for something I have already.
    Lots of StSt, but a nice big fancy button or even a curious, conversation starting pin/broach would suite just fine....maybe something knitting centered?

    I like this one..only it's $75


  3. Julie,
    I'm so sorry you are going through a rough patch. Just want you to know that this blog reader cares and hopes you find peace.
    Hugs.... anita

  4. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for the heads up on the Knitting at Knoon plus size patterns. I love the cardigan. I knitted Chris' Wrap Me Up shawl a couple of years ago--really fun, can't-wait-to-knit-the-next-step knit, BEAUTIFUL, and the pattern was very well written. Plus, I'm a fan of Chris' because when I emailed her a question because I was misreading her instructions, she responded within a few hours so I could get back to knitting.

    Hugs to you as you ponder your decision about Tom. Such a catch-22 for both of you. I hope he heals (heels?) (get it? okay, maybe not funny given the seriousness of your decision. sorry.) quickly. As a woman, the threat of pain has always made it easy for me to make decisions about risky endeavors, but after 20 years of marriage and two sons, I realize that potential pain isn't much of a deterrent for men--I suspect it's actually a lure. I'll be thinking of you.

  5. Thanks for all the support. It's difficult time and I appreciate the insight. Tom (and most men) and I see the world much differently. I am trying to find a balance between accepting his world view and not being scared to death that he's going to die. It's not at all clear to me where that midpoint lies but hopefully with time we'll find our way. Regardless, I appreciate you kindness and understanding more than you know.