Thursday, May 20, 2010

Scarfing it down

A quick update on the Cable Sampler Scarf I started over the weekend at Kathy Zimmerman's cable class. I'm enjoying this little venture because it is building my confidence in cable knitting as much as anything else. After completing four of the seven squares, I am certain I can knit any cable pattern. My only challenges:
  1. Learn to count!
  2. Pay attention!
  3. Follow directions!
To be honest, I struggle with each of these very fundamental aspects of knitting. I still find it difficult to count garter stitch rows; counting cable rows is even worse. But I comfort myself that paying close attention to a complicated pattern keeps my middle aged brain humming, bringing my wandering mind back into the moment, into the present. Buddha would be so proud.
Check out my first four squares. I hope that when the desperately needed blocking process is complete that each square will be EXACTLY  the same size.  Otherwise, I will give this scarf to the very first poor soul who walks by. I recognize that perfect is the enemy of the good, but I'm completely anal about knitting. I'd rather rip out an entire sweater than wear it when I know it's wrong. You know this if you've read anything at all about my Handstrikket.

My Handstrikket is what I need to get back to after I finish horsing around with this scarf... and my mystery sweater... and the second Northman mitten... and so on. Oh, to be independently wealthy with lots of time to knit!


  1. Your scarf looks wonderful! Gal you are one fast knitter!...(and no lifelines!)

    Funny little anecdote:
    Years ago my brother came home talking about 'scoffin down' the food...For years I was wondering about this usage of the word 'scoff' and realized he had been living in New York and was saying 'scarfin' down' with a Brooklyn accent as he had learned it.

  2. Funny that you mention this... I looked up the derivation of scarfing food down this morning and almost wrote about it in today's post. Scarf is actually a bastardization of scoff according to this site: