Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So many projects, so little time

Aargh. I'm multitasking again. This means that I've started 47 million projects and finished exactly ZERO. I've got so many projects going, I almost need a barcode system! Consider the following inventory:

Northman Mitten - Operative word being mitten and not mittenS. One down, one still to go. Fortunately it's May and I have lots of time before the weather gets cold again.

Crocheted Jacket for my nephew's wedding - After a week of solid crocheting, I managed to finish two squares. TWO. I need 60 within the next three weeks. There's no way in hell I can get this garment finished in time. So I've ventured into my closet, found something else to wear, and abandoned this effort for the time being.

Mystery Jacket - I blogged about this a couple of months ago. I am test knitting the plus-size version of a new design. The pattern isn't ready for public consumption, but I've gotten the ball rolling - literally. I rolled up all the yarn, casted on, and knitted the ribbing. I'm using Cascade Eco Plus - don't you love the color? But the best news is that it's bulky weight on 10.5 needles and is therefore a pretty quick knit.

Three-Button Solstice Jacket - Decided to switch yarns back to the recommended Classic Elite Solstice. Thank you, Webs, for putting it on sale at a deep discount. Finished swatching this weekend. Love the feel of the yarn, so much so that I pitched it to my beloved boyfriend, Tom, along with a pattern for...

John's Sweater - A beautiful cabled pullover Norah Gaughan designed for her boyfriend, John. After making Tom an unfortunate sweater when we first met almost three years ago, I learned my lesson: get the beloved BF's buy-in before making anything. Tom wholeheartedly approved both the Solstice yarn (because of it's high cotton content - he hates hot sweaters) and the pattern (because it features photos of John, Norah's burly boyfriend. Being a manly man, Tom won't wear anything that even remotely looks effeminate. Fortunately, John is from Testosterone City!). Having received Tom's express approval, I ordered more Solstice, this time in Kelp (thanks again, Webs). I hope to finish this for Tom's November birthday or in need be, for Christmas.

Unchecked Checkerboard Afghan - Still working on this a little at a time, but that was what I planned all along. Fortunately, I was able to buy the rest of the afghan yarn on sale (thanks yet again, Webs!).

And last, but definitely not least, the Handstrikket Reincarnation 2 - I started over the weekend by cutting off the front plackets and the neck ribbing. I then picked up the neck stitches, knitted a row, and then completed another decrease row. I finished by doing a series of short rows on the back collar so that the sweater would fit better - and it does! I knitted the ribbing back on and viola - a perfect fit.

Last night, I tried on my too-big sweater and figured out where the underarm should be. Then I took the biggest step of all: cutting this baby up! Frightened, I held my breath and snipped, expecting the entire sweater to dissolve in my lap. I was fortunately wrong - the process went perfectly. I unraveled and picked up the live stitches as I went.

Then I figured out where the sleeves stitches should begin and end on the left side. I marked the right side in a similar fashion, and then started knitting the sleeves. Unbelievably, it all went well! No-Drama Obama, that's my Handstrikket.

So... I'm going to focus on the Handstrikket and the Mystery Jacket for now. When I'm done with these, I'll go to the Three-Button Solstice. And then Tom's sweater will come last. Damn! That's a whole lot of sweater-making going on. I'd better get busy. Too bad I have to work and have friends and cook and walk the dog. I could get so much more done if all I ever had to do was knit!


  1. hey girl you're so into knitting poligamy!
    I used to be myself... but went back to knitting monogamy...with eventual "indiscretions" from time to time LOL.
    But... I'm sure you enjoy the ride more than getting to the goal, isn't it?
    And at the end of the day knitting one or a gazillion projects is what matters!

  2. Yes, I'm quite the hussy, aren't I? One of these days, I'll get back to being a one-project woman. All this dating around makes my head spin.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. I really appreciate it.

  3. You would be so bored if you were a one-project woman. Enjoy all the dating around with your fiber projects, think about all the pleasure you would miss if you were not! :)

  4. That man's sweater is gorgeous. What pattern is that?

  5. I'm sorry, I thought I included a link to the pattern which is entitled "John's Sweater." It's a Berroco free pattern: http://www.berroco.com/exclusives/john_sweater/john_sweater.html

    And Michele, you're right... I'm terribly bored working on just one project at a time!

  6. So proud of your "plunge" on tearing that sweater apart! WOW!!! xo
    P.S. Let's have dinner together this Saturday. I would love that.

  7. You're on! Meet you in Scranton? I'll be coming back from the Kathy Zimmerman cable class outside of Pittsburgh anyway. PA isn't THAT big a state, is it? :-)