Tuesday, June 29, 2010

All you knit is love

In real life (aka when I'm not knitting or blogging about knitting), I am a graphic and web designer. I've been self-employed for 14 long years which seems pretty miraculous given the Great Recession. I am grateful and proud to have weathered the terrible downturn; grace of God, my business recently has been busier than a beehive. Let's hope this is proof that economic misery is on the wane.

Among the logos and websites I create for business, I also design advertising. Ads rarely stop traffic anymore; we're so inundated with demands for our attention that it all runs together. But once in a while, something sends me straight to my pencil cup to fish out the Xacto knife so I can hang it on my office wall. Here is one of those ads; in fact, it's the best knitting ad I've ever seen. (Click on the ad below twice to see a full-size version.)

Maybe I love this Malabrigo ad because I remember the Beatles. Or maybe it's because I know that I knit a little bit of love in every single stitch.

Malabrigo, make this a poster - I'll buy it. And while I'm at it, I'll even buy a skein - or 20 - of your yarn; after all, I'm an ample knitter. And all I knit is indeed love.


  1. That's a great ad, they really should make posters!

  2. I am always amazed at how people come up with these genius ideas... The ones that make you say... oh! why didn't think of that?