Thursday, June 10, 2010

Making progress

Check it out... I've finished the two Handstrikket sleeves. As you might remember, I originally made this cardigan too large with sleeves that were too long; to remedy this, I cut off the body and sleeves and am now reknitting the sweater from the top down. Top-down construction makes it easy to check the fit as you go, so I thought I'd show you some progress photographs. Sorry that they're horrible but I can't talk the dog into taking my picture. :-)

I'm really pleased with the fit thus far. Doesn't it look better? Look at those sleeves, especially compared to the original:

Another change I made to this version: I knitted some short rows at the back of the neck (see the dark blue section at the top) to make it fit better across my shoulders and neck. Smart move, I think.

Now I'm trying to figure out how big to make the bottom of the sweater. I don't want it to be too baggy but I don't want it curling in around my big butt either. So this time I'm going to make it with a hem. I'm going to knit to the bottom in stockinette stitch and then add a row of purl stitches. Then I'm going to knit the actual hem with matching Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light. This lighter DK weight will make the hem less bulky. I think it will work well.

Hey, check out my latest knitting treasure. I bought a crochet hook key chain from Knit Picks to make it easier to pick up dropped stitches, but soon started connecting my most-used notions to it. I added a tape measure my boyfriend gave me, stitch markers, some little Knit Picks interchangeable needles tools, a tapestry needle, a safety pin, and even my Gingher scissors which I connected with a stitch marker. I love this! Everything in one place and within easy reach. I thought I'd pass along the hint since I'm so proud of myself for making it.

And as a laugh, look at this ridiculous picture I took trying to photograph the back of my sweater. Watch out! I'm keeping a very close eye on you!


  1. Did you go blind from the flash so close to your eyeball??? I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the sweater is coming out! Go you! :) I'm staying away from sweaters in this terrible heat!

  2. Wow! The sweater looks fantastic! I think you might just have sold me on knitting sweaters top-down forever and at the same time, cured me of my old thinking that baggy sweaters somehow made me look thinner. Clearly, a well-fitted sweater is key. Kuddos to you for your perseverance. The short rows on the back of the neck were a good idea too. And I LOVE the keychain knitting tool kit idea! I know what I'll be adding to my next KnitPicks order. Thanks for continuing to inspire me.

  3. wow what a difference! looks great.

  4. Those sleeves look much better than the first ones. You're doing great and I admire your patience and determination! :)

  5. thanks, Michele... I think knitting always hones our patience and determination skills - as well as those required to frog every damn thing :-)

  6. Your sweater's looking great, Julie! So much tidier. It's hard getting it through our heads that bigger isn't really better, seems like! I'm enjoying following your saga.