Saturday, June 26, 2010


Still working on swatches for my upcoming Knit to Fit class with the renowned Kathy Zimmerman. As homework, she tasked me to knit swatches for sweaters I'd like to make in my size. I'm bringing three:

Using Classic Elite Solstice, I'm also swatching for a new Sirdar cardigan pattern 9166 I discovered this week. I was afraid this yarn wouldn't work well for cables, but I was wrong; the cotton/wool blend really makes those cables pop. I was going to use Solstice to make the Curvy Knits 3-Button Cardigan, but after seeing several of them on Ravelry, I'm not sure I like how this sweater fits, so I'm contemplating this sweet cardigan instead. I think the dark blue will make it a little less prissy which for this middle-aged woman is a good thing.

Finally, I want to make Kathy's own Sparkling Red cardigan using Berroco Peruvia. This photo doesn't do justice to the yarn nor the color. It's really gorgeous. Think epitome of wool cabled cardigans and this is it. I don't usually wear green - somehow I always gravitate to white, blue, pink, and red - but this jewel-toned, dark leafy green will work well with my pale skin.

How will I ever get all these sweaters knitted? Perseverance and time, I guess. I also want to make the beloved boyfriend a sweater for Christmas. Speaking of my main (read: only) man, Tom is on the mend after his motorcycle accident. Here's a photo of us from my nephew's post-wedding brunch a couple of weeks ago. I'm grateful he's here - he shouldn't be. Just a second's difference would have left Tom dead. He is still in a lot of pain with a broken collarbone, several ribs, and his foot. I hate that he hurts, but I hope it's just enough suffering to keep him from doing numbskull things like riding a motorcycle ever again. But the important thing is that Tom's here so we can love for another day - and hopefully a lifetime. A real possibility if he stays off the damn bike!


  1. HAve you seen Coraline?(Ysolda )

    I think you have been bitten by the cable bug!


  2. I have Coraline - really pretty cardigan. Have you seen the sweater's namesake movie? If you get the chance, it's terrific.

    And yes, since I took that cable class, a whole new world has opened up for me!

  3. I'm thrilled Tom is ok! One of my friends fathers was in a terrible motorcycle accident last Monday and he was finally moved from ICU yesterday. I can honestly say I don't understand that joy in it since it has brought so much pain to him and all the people that love him! Tell Tom that his life is WAY more important than a silly bike! :)

  4. Katie, I'll pray for your dad's friend - it sounds like he's got it much worse than Tom does. I couldn't agree more: life is MUCH more important than risking it on a motorcycle. Let's hope they both learn.

  5. Speedy recovery to Tom.
    The cable swatch looks good.
    Love the Sparkling Red pattern; makes me wish I need another cardi.