Friday, June 11, 2010

Think Cinderella's slipper

Ann, a loyal reader of this blog, commented in part yesterday:
"Wow! The sweater looks fantastic! I think you might just have sold me on knitting sweaters top-down forever and at the same time, cured me of my old thinking that baggy sweaters somehow made me look thinner. Clearly, a well-fitted sweater is key. Kudos to you for your perseverance."
Thank you, Ann for the kind words. But mostly thanks for the wisdom. I think you're exactly right: a well-fitted sweater is key. I, too, have labored under the mistaken belief that covering my big, baggy body with a big, baggy sweater will make me look thinner. I was wrong. Baggy clothes make you look heavier. I've discovered this particularly as I've lost weight (I've lost about 150 pounds from my top weight). Although I'm still fat, I look a lot less fat when I wear things that actually fit.

One adjustment I've had to make is wearing things that are shorter. When I was at my heaviest, I loved anything that was 36-inches long. Those yard-long garments are now minidresses on me - except for the oversized shoulders that fall to my elbows. I look like a little kid dressed in her dad's shirt. My optimal length now: 29 inches. It covers my stomach (beware of belly gape sweaters) without turning into a dress.

So remember, girls: baggy clothes are unbecoming. So are sweaters that are too tight - avoid garments that fit like sausage casings - they won't make the most of your assets either. Instead, think Cinderella's slipper: your sweater needs to fit just right. Who knows? If your sweater fits you perfectly, maybe your perfect Prince Charming will come along, too.


  1. It's so true; I'm looking into adding waist shaping to some patterns I love.
    Great job!

  2. Oh, I wish I had found your Blog long ago!! The wisdom in this one post is worth many years of anguish that were needless. Thank you!

    Oh, and I love the photo of the cute Dachsi at the beginning of this post. Is he/she yours? I had a miniature Daschund and i miss him. Yours is so cute!!!

  3. Bonny, welcome and thanks for the kind words! No, the dachshund is not mine... instead, I am owned by a wonderful pug named Moose. He's the love of my life. Don't know what I'd do without him, so I appreciate how much you must miss your little guy. Thanks so much for reading and commenting, too.