Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The final selections

After weeks of indecision and countless hours of fruitless swatching, I've decided on the following sweaters for the Kathy Zimmerman Knit to Fit class I'm taking on Saturday:

First, Sirdar 9166 in Classic Elite Solstice in Blue Moon. Still trying to decide whether to put buttons all the way down and to make the sleeves full length. I like the cardi just as it is, but I might wear it more with these modifications. I also envision wearing this with jeans more than skirts since I only own one skirt!  (And it's denim to boot.) My mother saddled me with this notion when I was a kid that I couldn't wear skirts because my boobs were too big and I was short-waisted. Thank you, Mom...

Next, Sirdar 9140 - sort of. I'm grabbing the cable off the yoke, but am going to make many other mods, including: using worsted weight yarn instead of bulky; expanding the placket a bit to give a little more room for the buttons; extending the buttons all the way to the bottom; and hemming the sweater instead of using ribbing. So I consider this sweater to be (mostly) my own design. I'm using my favorite yarn of all time, Berroco Ultra Alpaca, in Stone Washed Mix.

The cable yoke fascinates me, not just because the Saxon cable is beautiful but because the pattern uses short rows to make the yoke curve around the shoulders. Really cool - and complicated. For every row I knit, I rip out three. But I'm getting the hang of it. My plan is to knit the cable to fit and then pick up stitches on top for the ribbing and stitches below for the raglan body and sleeves.

Finally, I've struggled bitterly to find the perfect pattern for my giant stash of Berroco Peruvia in Sea Turtle. I've tried several different designs but am dissatisfied with almost all of them. My current plan is to make this simple, classic cabled cardigan called Augusta from the forthcoming book, New England Knits. The all-wool Peruvia is a good match.

But first I'm focusing on finishing the interminable Handstrikket (I'm almost finished with the stockinette body, grace of God) and the first two sweaters above first. I pray Kathy's class will teach me how to make sweaters that fit my lumpiness perfectly.


  1. Gorgeous sweaters all! And yes, any woman can wear skirts. It's all in finding what looks good on YOU. For me, it's either just below the knee and tailored, or long and A-line. No short and full, no pleats, no draping, no elastic waistbands or gathers at the waist. You would probably look good in a fitted skirt that falls just below the knee, in black - this can go anywhere with any outfit. Give one a try-on and see what you think!

  2. Hello my friend, Ann :-)

    I will try the black skirt - thanks for the hint. These days, even skinny chicks wear skirts without shirts tucked in, something that would have never have happened when I was young. I think this is a look that's becoming on almost everyone. And I do love my denim skirt. It's very versatile and I can wear it all year long.

  3. I maintain that large gals look better in skirts than in slacks. The skirts hide more...at least on me anyway, But I can't always find the classic ones I like w/o the slit all the way up to the gazoo.
    I really love the Augusta cardigan.
    The Sirdar is a beautiful choice IMO.
    BTW.. is it a small workshop, large session? What can you tell of the expectations and schedule for the hours?

  4. I don't like skirts they give me a stomach/butt thing in the front! However they do have there time and place and paired with a hand knit sweater is def. it! :) I love love love the last sweater in the green! It is wonderful! I give you a lot of credit for committing to this many sweaters! I never could! :)