Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back and forth - or in the round?

Do you like to knit in the round or back and forth and then seam? I'm posting this little debate for my knitting gal pal, Teresa. I already know what she would say! BTW, that's Norah Gaughan and Cirilia Rose, the two creative geniuses behind Berroco. Norah is wearing her Ditto Cardigan, a sweater that I made last year.


  1. It depends on what I am making. Some things need a bit more structure, so I do them flat and then seam, for others, structure is not as important, then it's faster to do it in the round and the "no seaming" is a bonus. Of course, for colorwork, I do prefer working in the round.

  2. Round Round and Round!
    Seaming...well you have heard me bemoan the fact that I find it tedious.
    guess who?!

  3. Knitting in the round is my decided preference, but back and forth is okay if it is mostly knit. I am not fond of long rows of purl.

  4. In the round!!! no seams!!!

  5. I have to say, it depends. Hats, socks- in the round (I have made socks with 2 needles, so I can compare!). Big items: seams don't bother me as much as casting on an infinite number of stitches.
    I find purl to be soothing sometimes- just different I guess.