Monday, August 16, 2010

Back off!

Back off! The needles!

I finished the Augusta back - and sleeves for that matter - and all are now blocked.

I'm knitting from the bottom up so I can't tell if it fits yet, but the pieces all match exactly my planned measurements. Speaking of fit, note the back neck shaping. The original pattern doesn't include this shaping, but my guru Kathy Zimmerman says back neck shaping creates a notch that makes the sweater fit nicely through the shoulders and upper torso. Apparently magazine editors often delete this fitting technique to make sweaters easier for new knitters, but Kathy says I should put them in my sweaters whenever possible.

Back neck shaping isn't possible in round yoke sweaters, but it does help to add short rows on the back neck. When I reknitted the Handstrikket, I added neck short rows and I can definitely tell the difference in terms of fit.

The fronts commence this evening. I am so grateful this project is moving along quickly. After spending nearly six months knitting and reknitting the Handstrikket, the Augusta feels like a cool breeze in August. And after this dreadfully hot summer, God knows I need one!


  1. Short rows make such a difference! Wow. Thanks for the photos.

  2. If I had to do this again (GOD FORBID), I would add another three to five short rows... another lesson learned.

  3. Progress!
    Hey I like the camera you used for the 2nd Handstr. photo above. Nice colors and sharp focus.t_a

  4. yeah, MUCH better than the piece of **** Nikon I have. that pic was taken by the building manager using his iPhone! I definitely need a new camera.

  5. Julie, how did you know where to add the short rows and how long they needed to be? Or is that a separate post somewhere?