Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A chulo chullo

I'm feeling a little chulo this morning. According to UrbanDictionary.com, chulo means "someone who is cute, hot, good looking." I'm not owning up to cute and good looking parts (especially since I haven't even showered yet today), but I am hot and everyone else in the Mid Atlantic is, too: DC will reach 100 degrees today.

I'm also feeling a little chullo this morning after whipping up a baby version of this classic Andean hat. My cousin Seth and his wife, Jeanne, are the proud parents of Lexi, who, if she follows the Matthews genetic tradition, will look glorious in a bright red hat.

Moose patiently allowed me to let photograph him with the chulo chullo perched atop his head. What a good dog.

I used the Teo Hat pattern by Ana Sancho Rumeu. Besides being free, it is easy and fast - I whipped up this little hat in a couple of hours. I raided my stash for the yarn - shocking but true! - and found some Berroco Comfort Chunky in Primary Red. This yarn makes for a soft, washable hat, perfect for a baby.

Or even a patient pug. :-)


  1. LOL - I can't believe your cute puppy sits for this!

  2. Can't believe he stands for it either! ;-)

  3. Oh no! I am crackin' up on the floor.
    Oh my stomach hurts!
    That dog is a riot in that chullo!
    There's only 1 Moose in the world, that's for sure! (aching from laughing)t_a

  4. Beautiful hat.
    Why doesn't the dog look happy to be your spokesmodel? Didn't he get enough Milk Bones for the gig? Give him one from me.

  5. Moose is always good for a laugh - and he thanks you in advance for lobbying for treats on his behalf. One can never have too many treats...

  6. Thanks for the link, Julie! I'm glad you like the pattern.

  7. Thanks for visiting, Ana... and yes, I love the pattern!