Monday, August 23, 2010

Four down, one to go

I'm a lean, mean knitting machine!

Well, I'm certainly neither lean nor mean, but I am making great progress on the Augusta. I've finished the two sleeves, back, and now the right front. Tonight I cast on for the left front and look diligently for the end of this (sweater) tunnel.

Actually, this project has come together very quickly. Maybe it's the aran yarn or maybe it's because I studiously engineered this garment beforehand. Knitting is just implementation now. I'm not improvising in any regard; I knit what I planned and miracle of miracle, it works! This time, I'm not going to have to reknit half the sweater like I did with my Handstrikket. Nope, this one is going from needles to my shoulders in one quick swoop.


  1. What is your preference? Do you wash or steam spray the individual pieces or are you a washer/steamer after the assembling?

    It came together in a wink!
    You do knit fast, and there is not one visitor along with me that will disagree..I bet you on it. Some people take an entire season to finish a medium sweater, never mind an ample size.
    I am working on my projecting about 2-3 hrs every evening and still have not reached the armholes in the back yet..and it has been 3 weeks now.

  2. I've been spraying and pinning this go-round just to get the pieces flat enough to seam (your favorite, I know). I'm not sure if I'll wash the sweater when I get done or not. I just got some Eucalan and would like to see if the wool softens up a bit with a good soak. I guess I'll see how it looks when I get done.

    We've got to teach you to knit Continentally. It makes all the difference. Switching between knitting and purling takes me a tiny, millisecond movement; with the American way it takes literally ten times as long. I'm glad I learned Continental from the get-go. I do knit the other way when I'm doing stranded knitting but I only knit Continental otherwise.

  3. GO GO GO Lean mean knitting machine! You are rockin' it!

  4. I checked out some Peruvia over the weekend, based on your comments. Beautiful yarn! I even checked out this color so that I could see it and feel it in person! This is going to be gorgeous! Way to go!

  5. Laura, thanks for checking out the Peruvia. I'm flattered you would even look for my color. Thanks to all of you for your support. Can't wait until this one is done so I can see if it fits. Then I'll know what to do for the next sweater - and hopefully for other folks, too.

  6. Wow, you knit fast. It is coming together nicely, can't wait to see you in it. I am jealous it has been to hot here in Maine to knit much this summer. I will be playing catch up as the evenings get cooler.

  7. Craftygurl, you know it's hot if it's hot in Maine! I'm heading to Maine in September... I hope it will cool off by then - and that you'll be knitting, too!

  8. Great job there Julie, you sure are a lean mean knitting machine.

    I thought you were going to Vermont in September, change of plan huh?

    It's cool in NY state right now, very comfortable. You should be fine in Maine in September.

  9. Hey Michele, happy to hear from you. Yes, the trip has been pushed back a month. My current plan is to take a knitting class in Maine on the 28th and arrange my trip around that date. Not quite sure what I'm doing yet. Sorry we couldn't hook up... maybe next summer.

    It's pretty cool here in DC... wish it would stay this way!