Saturday, September 4, 2010

John's Sweater for Tom

Last night, I swatched up some Classic Elite Solstice in Kelp for Tom's Christmas present AKA Norah Gaughan's John's Sweater. I'm simply bowled over by the intricate cabling. Norah, as usual, has outdone herself. The yarn impresses me as well. The 70% cotton/30% wool blend makes the cables pop.

I love these cables so much there's a scoop-necked tunic bouncing around in my brain. It's made with the same cables and yarn but in blue. Don't worry... I promise NEVER to wear my tunic when Tom wears his sweater. I'm not THAT goofy. :-)


  1. Go for it!
    Cabling with KNITTING with continental is so much cleaner and neater looking than the Eng method.
    I look at the tidiness next to the cables and compare it with the gaps that are so common to english knitters. There are so many suggestions given to correct this..from simply giving an extra tug on the purls next to the cables, to knitting into stitches on the row below the cable..a nightmare if one has to rip back for one reason or another.
    Continental is neater in every aspect...the hands are working so close together with the k stitch.
    Love your goals!
    Love the green. t_a

  2. I wish you lived closer... I would teach you Continental. It is SO much faster requiring tiny movements to make a stitch. I remember once you telling me that you didn't like to do seed stitch. You wouldn't mind if you knitted Continental... it's a weeny little movement to get the yarn from the back to the front. Maybe there's a lesson locally you could take? I think you'd love it.

    RE: the green, Tom, being Irish and Danish,is one of those fortunate people whose eyes change colors depending on what he wears. His eyes turn dark green when he wears this color. Mine stay brown no matter what I do.

  3. I love love love those cables. Wow. So fun!