Monday, September 13, 2010

The rant continues

Yesterday I ranted heartily about current knitting trends I despise. I thought I was done, but this morning I woke up with a couple more. Again, all of this is just my humble opinion (JMHO).

Entrelac usually lacks
Okay, in principle this technique would be interesting to do, but you should almost never take this entropy of color, pattern, and texture and plaster it on your body. Make a pillow! But leave the entrelac sweaters at home. Even a little tiny woman looms large in an entrelac pullover.

But there are a few exceptions. This wedding shrug is beautiful.

And I love this fun adventure in socks:

So maybe entrelac isn't all bad. Just mostly bad. Of course, JMHO.

Diamond knitting don't shine
Maybe I hate diamond knitting because the aforementioned LYS owner, who adores that Swing Swagger Drape book, perpetually tries to sell me on it. She daydreams all day long about selling me 5000 skeins of yarn so I can spend a year toiling away on this giant, hideous cape. She even had the gall to tell me it would be slimming on me! To which I wanted to scream, "WTF??? I HATE THIS THING!"

At least she didn't try to sell me on these horrible pants. They should be outlawed!

Vivian Hoxbro wrote a book on diamond knitting a decade ago - I've even got a copy - and the whole look seems tremendously dated to me. But there are exceptions. Isn't this a beautiful knitted tee? It would be lovely on many ample figures.

Or how about this cute dog sweater pattern?

It's adorable, but admit it, it would be more attractive on a pug. :-) Again and as always, JMHO!


  1. I saw someone wearing those pants at a fiber festival. She was tiny and cute and the pants still looked hideous. All I could think about was wool thigh chaffing.

    Entralac has never done much for me either, except as a possibly diverting exercise worthy of a couple of hours of knitting "just to see how it works".

    What is bugging me these days are all the little knitted creatures that look like cartoon characters. I know I'm a pragmatist, but what waste of time and yarn. We'll be seeing them at Goodwill next year.

  2. Take a REAL look at that stole. It looks beautiful on the bride because of the photography! In real life all one would see are the irregular edge stitches. It would look like a Charles Dickens garment IMO . .
    Home made and rustic rather than elegant.

    That cape looks like a Phantom or Batman prop.
    Happy Halloween !

    Now the diamond tee is lovely .
    Jill Vosburg of
    has designed some on that style for amples.

    I think the entrelac does make amples look huge. But some women like that busy pattern and that is why they wear's fun to knit.
    Different strokes for different folks as they say.
    Go on and rant, gal. Get it out o' your system.

  3. Ann, I agree! I am so tired of all the little crocheted creatures. I look at the new patterns on Ravelry a few times everyday and am always disappointed when there is a slew of animals. Some are precious and most are re-runs.

    Teresa, I'm done with the ranting - for now anyway!

  4. Oh those pants! I'm going to have nightmares about them.
    Entrelac- done one (OK 2) pillows in it, now I'm done with it for life. Agree 100% with you.

  5. I love those socks and that tee. Very nice! Exceptions are grand.