Monday, October 4, 2010

Back to life, back to reality :-(

Sigh. After a glorious week in New England, I'm back to my regular old boring gray life in Maryland. If I were independently wealthy and living in Vermont (for the warm months anyway), I would be a happy woman. Too bad life isn't conspiring with me to make that happen. ;-)

Today I'm sharing the best pics from our trip, but tomorrow I'll tell you about what you really want to know: the Fit to Flatter class with Amy Herzog. But first, here are Tom and me looking happy. Why? Because we ARE happy.

I was lucky. Tom did all the driving which left me to knit, navigate, and nag about his tailgating (God, I hate that - why he insists on riding up someone's ass is completely beyond me).

We spent the first few days on the coast of Maine. So beautiful.

We then went to my favorite place in the world: Vermont. We stayed in Jeffersonville, northwest of Stowe, but traveled everyday to the sparsely populated and uber-gorgeous Northeast Kingdom.

New England brims with fabulous photographic opportunities. I bought a new Nikon right before we left and I am glad I had better equipment when I came across these interesting places.

Towards the end of the week, northern Vermont just exploded in spectacular color. We felt tremendously blessed to bear witness.

On the last day of our trip, we ventured to Webs. Tom sat with four other husbands/significant others and waited patiently for me to shop my heart out. I ended up exchanging some olive green Classic Elite Solstice for some pink in the same yarn - a zero-sum gain. How about that for discipline? BTW, that's my dirty Beetle on the left.

Best of all, the cool weather allowed me to wear my handknits all week long. Here I am in my Handstrikket with my friend, Judy.

My only regret: I missed my pets. Moose spent the week with my ex-husband and Monica was minded by one of the maintenance men here at my apartment complex. Everyone survived and we were delighted to see each other at week's end.

Now I'm back and ready to blog! And I'm signed up for a gazillion knitting classes so stay tuned!


  1. Oh wow! What glorious colors. And by the way, what the heck is the matter with you for buying only one thing at webs? And where are all the pictures of the shop? I expected to see a picture of you loading a trailer with yarn. LOL

  2. What a nice vacation! Thanks for sharing with us. I, too, can't believe you didn't load up the trunk at Webs. Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming knitting classes.

  3. Tom was supposed to take pics of the store while I shopped but he read some car magazine instead. I was irked! So I snapped one photo and kept going. I wish I'd gotten some from inside the shop. I'll just have to go back. :-)

    Honestly, it was a real achievement not to spend a ton of dough at Webs. I have yarn for at least 20 ample sweater projects however. I have GOT to knit some of this up before I buy anything else. And it's time for Christmas knitting... I've got three projects I need to finish before the holidays, including that complicated sweater for Tom. Knitting is starting to stress me out. I need to knit NOT buy.

    Thanks for reading, guys!

  4. The pictures are wonderful. It looks like you had a fun, relaxing vacation. I'm glad you enjoyed WEBS too. If I had known you were going, I would have drove to meet you. WEBS is about 2 hours from me. Maybe next time. :)

  5. Wouldn't that have been wonderful, Calico... absolutely we'll do it next time. I visit New England about once a year and now Webs will always be on my circuit. Thanks, as always, for reading!

  6. Beautiful photos (especially the one of WEBS, heh).

  7. That looks like a swell vacation. I love that red door! I can't believe I'm already up to reading the (still nearly) current month!

  8. Shelda, the red door is my favorite picture from the trip. I love the pics from this trip so much it makes me want to go back to photography. Thanks for the kind words!