Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New plus-size knitting book

Have you heard there's a new plus-size knitting book in the wings? Knitting Plus, authored by Knitscene editor Lisa Shroyer, features 15 new wearables designed specifically for the ample among us. I've been hearing buzz about this book for months; Ann Budd blogged about the photo shoot ages ago, and then Kathy Zimmerman told me one of her designs will be in the book. I've been looking forward to the book's release. But now that I see the cover, I'm even more excited because the subtitle reads "mastering fit." Now wouldn't THAT be nice?

From what I've seen, my favorite design is the Barton Cardigan from Marlaina Bird. Isn't this gorgeous? I mean really? I can't wait to make it. I figure by the time I've finished Tom's complicated cabled Christmas sweater, I'll be ready. I wish I could make it in the prescribed yarn, Bijou Spun by Bijou Basin Ranch Bijou Bliss, but it would cost me over $400! Way too expensive for my feeble budget. And you know what I'm going to say next: I'd put in a placket with buttons down the front to eliminate the belly gape. Of course. :-)

I really don't like variegated bamboo yarn. I don't like the feel, I don't like knitting with it, and it really looks dated to me. But I do love Lou Schiela's Seagirt Pullover. In a different yarn, the deep V neck and nice detailing would be great for me. I also like the short sleeves - during the Fit to Flatter class, Amy Herzog suggested that I make sweaters with short sleeves to emphasize my waist. I also like the extra room in the front since I'm personally not shaped like an upright shoe box. It's interesting how the sweater falls naturally on the model, regardless of the additional ease.

Lou Schiela has another garment in the book with similar shaping. The Cleveland Shell, featured on an early version of the cover, looks great with a white blouse underneath. This ensemble would be neither too warm for our often mild DC winters nor my encroaching menopause.

I'm usually very skeptical about shrugs on ample women, especially top-heavy girls. Shrugs always scream LOOK AT MY BOOBS! and I guess I'm too conservative to want to solicit so much attention. But I do like the Audubon Shrug designed by Lisa Shroyer. It seems right-sized for a fuller figure and sports a yarn that looks tidy and professional. I still don't think I'd make it, but I like it none the less.

I'm anxious to see the rest of the projects - about a third of the designs don't have pictures yet on Ravelry. I also really want to read the fitting section. I hope the book talks extensively about how to make garments that truly fit a larger form.
But most of all, I'm glad the knitting industry in general and Interweave in particular are finally addressing the needs of the majority of women nationwide who aren't willowy, reedy, tall, thin, trim, narrow-hipped, flat-chested, and twenty-something. It's about damn time.
Knitting Plus will be published by Interweave Press in February 2011. You can pre-order the book on Amazon now.


  1. Oooh, thanks for the heads up! Can't wait to see this book.

  2. Thanks for the preview! t_a

  3. Wow! I hadn't heard about it, and will eagerly await! I agree about the shrug. That has a very nice back. And that cardigan is indeed gorgeous.

    I've just found your blog. How could I have not known about this? ;)

  4. Ohh love what I'm seeing so far! Definitely need/want to make Barton cardigan.