Friday, October 8, 2010

Ugh-ly - and beautiful

I'm embarrassed to show you the butt-ugh-ly Blomst mitten I made on vacation. It's truly horrible. I'm a consummate fair isle knitter but these turned out terribly. First off, they're HUGE. I have pretty big hands but they're at least four inches too big. They're even too big for Tom and he's 6'4"!

I screwed up the flower, too... there are a couple of extra rows in bottom petals. Awful. If I make these again, I'm going to use fingering weight yarn and swatch, too. God, I hate this mitten. I love the design but my implementation just SUCKS. I think this version of Blomst is gorgeous. Wish mine looked this way.

Fortunately, I do have something pretty to show you: the back ribbing for Tom's Christmas sweater. This I love. I made a fortuitous mistake; the ribbing is supposed to only be knit and purl stitches, but I added in the cable column by mistake and liked it, so I made the whole ribbing that way. As the pattern grows, you'll see that the cables in the ribbing blossom into the complicated cables that extend to the neck. Cool! I showed it to the picky bf and he likes it. Good, because he's required by law to wear this damn sweater!

In case you forgot, I'm making Norah Gaughan's John Sweater for my beloved boyfriend. The pattern is available free from Berroco.


  1. I'm so sorry they came out so large. The colors you picked are lovely though!

  2. I like the colors... hate the mitten. :-( Such a disappointment. And I'm good at fair isle! I really am.

  3. Hi Julie,
    Does Kathy Zimmerman work at Needle and Thread near Gettysburg, PA???
    If so, she's the one who told me about your blog.
    So far I've read 2009 up to October.

    I had to laugh about your body form adventure. I had a similar one 9but not as successful) with a Connie Crawford sewing for larger sizes video. She recommended using packing tape with a garbage bag underneath. My DH wrapped and wrapped. And it was HOT and I was Miserable! When we cut it off the tape began to separate and lose the shape. The whole thing ended up in the trash!
    I showed him the duct tape one. He's resisting a repeat performance.

  4. Hi Julie,
    I just joined Ravelry this morning.
    After reading some of the info on your projects, I'm pretty sure the person who told me about your blog is NOT Kathy Z.
    This lady is struggling along trying to learn to knit and sew to her size, also. She's just putting more time and effort into it than I am!
    So I guess my next step is to pick a project and see if I have enough of anything in my stash that could be used for a 'trial' sweater.
    I'm going to find a pattern that is a large enough size that there won't be too much adjusting to start out.

  5. Pat, I so proud of you! Go for it... I know you can do it. Raiding the stash and finding a good pattern are a great way to start.

    I'm actually happy to hear it wasn't Kathy Zimmerman who told you. (Kathy owns her own shop in Ligonier, PA.) Glad to hear the word is spreading about this blog. The more larger women who knit sweaters that fit, the better.

    Keep me posted on your progress. I'd love to hear more about what you decide to make.

  6. Actually, I do like the colours you chose for the mittens, yes the error in the petals does show, and if they are too big, they will have to be re-knitted (you're used to that aren't you?) but I don't think the mitten is ugly. Speaking of PA, I'm starting a "Beginning weaving" class at The Mannings on Monday, whooooooohooooooooo! There's lots of good stuff in PA for fiber-nuts it seems.... ;)

  7. Michele, how was the class? I've always wanted to go to The Mannings but haven't gotten there yet. Hope you enjoyed the class... thanks so much for reading and commenting!