Monday, October 11, 2010

What to do, what to do?

What to knit or not to knit, that is the question.

A quick overview: I have $250 worth of gorgeous alpaca yarn and a half-finished sweater that I learned during the Fit to Flatter class is unlikely to look even remotely flattering on me. So now what do I do? Here are my current options:

Finish the Melrose Peacoat as planned and be done with it. During the F2F class, Amy Herzog suggested that this design is unlikely to look good on me given the double-breasted front panels. I think she's right. I love the pattern, but perhaps it's best left to the skinny chicks of the world. Regardless, I could finish it up; I have both sleeves and the back completed. All I'd have to knit are the fronts. But is this the best use of my luxury yarn? And would I ever wear it?

Make a boring seed stitch bordered cardigan and be done with it.  My next option: keep the sleeves and back from the Melrose peacoat and make myself a cardigan with a seed stitch border on the hem, cuff, plackets, and neckline, something like the sweater below. It would be okay. It would be fine. It would be boring. Again, is this the best use of my luxury yarn? And would I ever wear it?

Knit a Norah Gaughan coat with modifications. With my acres of bulky-weight alpaca, I could whip up Lafayette, a funnel neck Norah Gaughan creation. I really like it, but I'm afraid of the collar. With my two-inch neck, I suspect it would ride up uncomfortably and drive me nuts. I also would need to eliminate the belly gape inherent in this coat, which would mean abandoning the double buttons, moving the opening to the center, and adding buttons down the front, but that's no big deal. Here's a quick mockup showing how the buttons would look. I like it. But again, is this the best use of my luxury yarn? And would I ever wear it?

Be brave and stitch up a form-fitting pullover. My last choice - and the one that requires the most bravery - is knitting the Lia Pullover from the latest issue of Knitty. I'd have to get over showing my curves, something that always makes me nervous. But more importantly, I'd have to make some spot-on mods to upsize this from the largest size - a 50 inch finished bust size - to a 60-inch finished bust size with even wider hips. I've been soliciting opinions on the Ravelry F2F forum and getting mixed opinions. But one thing to consider is how great BrownGurl looks in her Lia. After seeing her sweater, I just might be able to pull this off.

No matter what I do, this gorgeous red mound of alpaca can't be relegated to stash. I must find a solution. What do you think? I'd love to hear your opinion.


  1. None of your mods/comments address the v-neck component. I think V-Necks are one of the most important components that should be considered...with large breasts, covering up all the skin to the neck reminds me of a ski slope! I speak from experience!

    I am seriously leaning toward the Lia. Of all of them, that's my favorite.

    Totally agree about the belly gap BTW. I'm making sure my current FLS is large enough to prevent the gap...or keep adding the buttons!

    I made the ChicKnits Mondo cable cardi and managed to change it so it's "normal" rather than have the "A" gab down the front!

  2. Excellent point about V necks, Amy. I couldn't agree more. I saw a full-figured, curvy woman yesterday with a deep-V neck sweater. She wore a shell underneath so her boobage wasn't available for all the world to see, too. She looked great.

    I'm off to look for your Mondo cable cardi. Thanks for reading, Amy!

  3. While I think the Lia is a lovely sweater, knit in bulky alpaca it's going to be hot, hot, hot, even with the deep v-neck to let in some air.

    And while I love anything designed by Norah G. and I think your modification makes the design look 100% better, something about those big cables on the outer side of the sleeves seems to pull the my eyes outward making the silhouette seem wider. This would be my second choice because it's just a beautiful design.

    My first choice would be the simple moss stitch edged cardi with red buttons that blend into the yarn. I'd knit narrower moss stich edges than the picture you showed, especially on the neck edge, and make the neck edge nicely fitted at the collar so it doesn't gape. Or maybe a gentle v-neck on the cardi to lengthen your neck? That would be pretty with a nice silky scarf tucked along the edge too. I think bulky red alpaca screams *fabulous* all by itself and a simple, elegant, well-fit sweater will let the yarn shine. Oh, and I'd use simple red buttons to set off the texture of the moss stitch, smaller than the ones in the picture which look clunky and homemade to me.

  4. Just looked up the Mondo Cardi on Ravelry--love it, especially the one done by Fiddlewitch with a zipper up the front, which would help with that horrible belly gap. I love how the zipper makes it look so tailored.

  5. Oh, yes - the cardi with a zipper and a gorgeous zipper pull is just the thing!!!

  6. I like the Mondi cardi with the zipper, too. I really like collars like that, too. The drawbacks for me: I just finished the Augusta sweater which used exactly the same cables... guess I could change up the cables; I hate putting in zippers based on 30 years of sewing experience; and it looks boxy to me. I don't usually look good in boxy sweaters. I could probably fix this with some shaping though. Still pondering... meanwhile, thanks so much for reading and commenting. I really appreciate it.

  7. I'd finish the pea coat and hide the buttons that are on YOUR right, giving it an asymmetric vertical line. That's a slimming look.

  8. don;t use the yarn for something you won;t wear. If you are questioning a pattern NOW, before it's done or started,you'll NEVER wear it.
    the ribbing in the pullover hug in around the hips and belly. If you can wear it, knit it..I think you want the challenge of that pattern.So...go with the pullover if you can wear a pullover.

    face want to be knitting something which will maintain your interest CABLES!
    The Lafayette is definitely ASYMMETRICAL if one looks long enough! But the pullover has cables too and you won't be fooling with adjusting the front or neck.!