Monday, November 15, 2010

Going with the flow

Don't know about you, but I just love it when my knitting projects drift effortlessly downstream hitting nary a rock nor a snag. Doesn't seem to happen very often unfortunately. As an example, two months ago I started a sweater for my boyfriend. A total shipwreck, I restarted it FOUR times until I finally abandoned ship and rowed for shore.

Fortunately, I picked up a new sweater project, one with a brand new sail that has me barreling toward home. In less that a week, I've finished one sleeve and am sailing right along on up the back. It's heavenly, like being on the Chesapeake Bay on a warm, clear summer day.

Given this rhapsodic maritime description, I think I'll call this sweater the HMS Beagle. Alas, that name has already been taken by the ship that carted Charles Darwin to the Galapagos and a reworking of the entire world view. I'm not doing anything as earth-shattering on my little trip, but I like the association anyway; you see, I am making Norah Gaughan's Beagle.

The HMS Beagle
I'm happy thus far with my little adventure and am now confident that I can finish this sweater quickly and move back to my Early Bird Special cardigan. Or make that pair of mitts I want to give to my friend, Elizabeth for Christmas. No matter, when this journey ends, I will be happy to start yet another.


  1. LOL, Julie! Too cool!!! She can knit AND write a great story!
    Love the pattern on the Beagle sweater. Glad all your projects are smooth sailing at this point.

    I unraveled that shrug and have started over using the parts I liked best. I'm almost up to the shoulder on the back. So far I think I'll like these modifications a lot better. I'll email you with the drawing I made.

    Also took a trip to my two nearby good yarn shops to look for large size patterns. What a bust! (oooops!) The one place only had the Big Girl Knits with the blue sweater on the front. After looking through it, I decided there weren't enough patterns that interested me to merit $30. I did get a Paton's book at the other store that had variations on a chunky knit cardigan. Couldn't find the Cambridge book that had several sweaters that I liked. Will have to order online I guess.

  2. Pat, good for you for keeping going! I thought your shrug looked great, but I'm interested to see how the revised version turns out. Keep up the good work, and please send me your drawing - I'd love to see.

    Yes, it's difficult to find everything at every local yarn store. But I'm sure you can find the Cambridge book a gazillion places online. Which sweater do you want to make?

    Thanks, as always, for reading and writing.

  3. You ARE a good writer!
    as well, as web designer and knitter.

    Hey...we haven't heard from (seen)Moose in a good while..does he go on the trips to the workshops as well? I bet Tom gets to guard 'the Moose' during those times!

    ps...don't forget the thought of the combined knitting video!