Sunday, January 2, 2011

A perfect fit

I know, I know... most of you were immensely skeptical that I could fix the sweater I made for my boyfriend for Christmas - and I don't blame you. The sweater, despite my best efforts, was too long and too big by a very long shot.

I spent the week between Christmas and New Years in an mighty quest to fix this sweater. I cut, cropped, added, subtracted, persevered, and prayed - my toil and trouble paid off. As Tom said when he pulled this work of love and hope over his head, "It's a perfect fit." (Click on the picture twice for a larger view; the sweater still needs to be blocked, but you'll get the idea.)

I've taken pictures of everything I did - and it was a lot. I'll document my efforts here in the next day or two. But tonight, I'm just celebrating. Whew!


  1. Fantastic job Julie, Tom looks great in the sweater. I'm suitably impressed!
    Lor xx

  2. Oh Julie, what a wonderful job you did on the sweater. You should be very proud of yourself. The pattern is lovely.

  3. You did it!!!
    The scissors scared me, but you measured , snipped and stitched and now Tom is beaming brightly at his new gift!
    Kudos! t_a

  4. Good going, Julie! It'll be fun to read the details, but the smile on his face really says it all ;)

  5. Great job!

    You'd never know it underwent surgery!

    You are definitely the boss of your knitting!

  6. You're quite the surgeon! I've been reading your blog for a while and am so impressed with the effort you put into your knitting.

  7. totally impressed! WELL done! He looks great!
    Jo-Anne (goingforcoffee on ravelry)

  8. Julie,
    I was sure I had left a comment days ago, but it isn't here. Waaaah!

    The sweater looks great!!! I would never have believed it could be done successfully, but YOU DID IT!!! Tom looks so happy!
    I know you are an excellent knitter, but now I am a True Believer in your 'fixing' talents as well!
    You are impressive!!!

  9. I bow to your superior sweater-fixings ability.
    (Do you take jobs on contract then?)

  10. I think the fact that it was alpaca was part of the size problem. The two alpaca sweaters I have made seemed to continue to grow long after they were blocked. Good work on the mods and the photos of the process