Monday, January 31, 2011

Waltham KAL - Yarn needed for each size

An intrepid knitter asked, "Is it stated anywhere the yardage amount for the 56 1/2? I don't want to buy my yarn until I know how many skeins to get (dye lot). I only see the smallest and the largest sizes listed."

Excellent question. Here are the yardage needed for each size of the Waltham Cabled Cardigan. 

Finished Bust Size           Yardage Needed           
        40¼                                            1500 yards
        44¼                                            1680 yards
        48¼                                            1860 yards
        52¼                                            2040 yards
        56¼                                            2220 yards
        60¼                                            2400 yards

Remember that if you need lengthen or widen the sweater, you will need more yarn. If you have any Waltham-related questions, drop me a line or visit the Waltham KAL Ravelry group.

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