Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crazy print skirts and handknitted sweaters

I'm tracking a trend that you might want to watch: handknits paired with funky, patterned skirts. While I haven't seen this on the streets of Washington (or the DC burbs anyway), I do find this trend in many photographs of new patterns. Check out these examples, and believe me, there are many, many more.

Farrington Pullover, Lisa Shroyer

Kristy, Dora Ohrenstein

Wisteria, Kate Gilbert

Botanical Lace Cardigan, Margaret Atkinson
Do you wear your handknits with skirts? I do not but maybe I should. Maybe I'm missing an apparel opportunity since I only wear my handknits with jeans or slacks, especially during the winter. Send me pics of you modeling your handmade sweater with a skirt - I'd love to see and will post them on the blog if you're willing, too.


  1. There are no skirts in my closet. In fact there are no dresses either. Why??? I look like a bigger barrel than usual in a skirt.
    If I can't go to an event in pants, I don't attend. But I live in Podunk, PA so dressing fashionable is not an issue. LOL!

  2. I think it is an appropriate schoolgirl look.
    However, it is not for me..no longer a girl!
    I am puzzled..Why would someone try to coordinate a heavy wool pullover with a light
    flowery/paisley spring skirt like the Fairington outfit,though?

    I like the shirtwaist dress or 2 piece coordinates , but a worsted pullover(Lystra)
    would not be my choice to wear with it..I would opt for a cardigan or blazer.

    Finally,I feel like the Botanical Lace Cardigans in the final picture clash with the stripes in the skirt. Perhaps it's just me!

    I DO like the print, though.
    But let's face it..if you are girlish, coquettish and thin......ANYTHING LOOKS CUTE AND OK!!! On a REAL plus size..ample) chick(I mean larger than the average plus models) prints just make one look matronly and dowdy regardless of how intricately the lace or cable project is.
    Good topic.
    FWIW t_a

  3. Oh, what a fun post! Now I'm looking for skirts (not that I don't already have a bundle of them!), and sweaters to go with them. The Ulla Popken catalog just came last night, and it has a couple of fun options.

    I wear skirts a lot, but I never much thought to wear sweaters with them. I think I need to knit lighter weight sweaters, but then I already knew that ;)