Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy birthday, George and Abe

Happy birthday, George and Abe! Thanks to America's two best presidents, we have the day off. Tom and Moose are snoring away this morning while I write to my knitting gal pals and get ready for the Waltham KAL.

I took full advantage of having a nice boyfriend by getting him to put together my new piece-of-crap-from-Wal-Mart knitting bookshelf. Just the right size, the shelf gives me elbow room to buy a bunch of new knitting books, too. For $35, it's a great investment.

Another joy from this three-day weekend: extensive time knitting my Early Bird Special cardigan. As I told you, I planned on using hourglass shaping for this sweater. On paper, the design looked fine. But when I actually started knitting, this crazy trapezoidal shape appeared. YIKES! How can this be right? Especially when every other sweater is shaped like a shoebox?

Well, I dragged the knitting into the bathroom and held the piece up to my waist. PERFECT. Wow! How can this be? It looks like it was made just for me - which of course it was. Now I can't wait to get this thing finished. If this shaping works, I'm going to use it for the Waltham Cabled Cardigan and every other sweater I ever make, too.

More big three-day weekend news: this afternoon, Tom plans to wrap me in duct tape. No, this is not some act of middle-aged kinkiness. He's just going to help me make another dress form. I've lost 50 pounds since we made the first one and I'm shaped differently now. Actually, I think I'm shaped exactly the same but smaller. We'll see... I'll post pics when we're done. Here's a photo of me with the original dress form (to learn more, read the original posting). I want to make a currently sized form to help fit the Early Bird and the Waltham. Can't hurt, right?

So, thanks again, George and Abe. I appreciate the day of relaxing and knitting -and for your wise governance during difficult times, too.


  1. Makes perfect sense that a sweater shaped like a shoebox doesn't fit a woman who... isn't shaped that way!

    Good luck on the rest of the fitting adventure. It's fun following it.

  2. At least it will be nice and cool for getting taped up!
    The EB is coming along just beautifully...I really like!

  3. Shelda, EXACTLY! Why I ever thought a shoebox should fit me is beyond me!

    And Teresa, thanks as always for the support. We didn't get to the taping unfortunately... a snow storm is coming so Tom went home right after dinner. Next weekend...