Friday, February 18, 2011

An update on the Waltham KAL

Wow! I just checked and we've got almost 60 intrepid knitters who have signed up to knit the Waltham Cabled Cardigan from the newly released Knitting Plus. Many of us have been waiting impatiently for this book, especially because we want to make this beautiful cardi designed by Kathy Zimmerman.

Would you like to knit along with us? Here is a quick review of the KAL basics:
  • Sweater ranges from 40.25 to 60.25 inch finished bust sizes.
  • Gauge: 24 stitches and 26 rows over four inches on size 7 needles (your mileage may vary).
  • Specified yarn: Louet Eastport Alpaca.
  • Substitution yarns: you need a DK weight. Some of the participants are using Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light, Berroco Vintage DK, Knit Picks Merino, Berroco Inca Gold, Finatura Lanarota Puno Alpaca, and many others.
  • Sign up for the Ravelry Waltham KAL group where we're all yakking, exchanging swatch info, showing pictures, becoming friends, and generally having fun. We'd love to have you, too.
  • Buy Knitting Plus which will be in your LYS or bookstore in the next week or so. Some of us pre-ordered the book on Amazon and received emails yesterday saying the book will be shipped in the coming week.
  • Knit your swatch. For more information, visit the Waltham swatch info page.
If you have any questions, worries, or concerns, email me or post a comment here. I'm happy to help and if I can't find an answer, Kathy Zimmerman, the designer, has agreed to provide support, too.

While I have your attention, let me show you the latest pictures of my Early Bird as modeled by my sweet, long-suffering pug, Moose. It looks great him. What a handsome boy.

Here's a more conventional shot. You can really see the evolution of the cable pattern and the waist shaping. However, all I can see is how far I have to go before the Waltham KAL begins! I am afraid I'll be multitasking unless I begin speed knitting or something.

Finally, look what came in the mail today: a new bookcase. Why? Because I've bought so many knitting books, pattern booklets, and magazines that they don't fit in the old bookshelf. Now, where's that bf when I need him? Get your cute butt over here and put up that shelf!


  1. Sometimes I think about what is going through Moose's mind!..all this knitting.
    He just sits watches watches ..knowing the modeling eventually will happen.
    The EB is lookin' goooood!I love the subtle hem/'ribbing' incorporated within the pattern.

  2. haha Don't we always need more book shelves then we have?! I had to more a lot of my books to an old metal shelf in my attic because the three I had in my bedroom weren't big enough.