Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New ample knit patterns: Streamside

I almost always love Cecily Glowik Macdonald's fantastic designs, although sometimes I can't wear them (read I am really a turtle if you need a reminder). This morning, Cecily is out with an adorable little top called Streamside that almost anyone could wear. And God bless her, it comes in finished bust sizes up to 57.25 inches.

This classic wonder offers raglan styling, stylish pockets, a scoop neck, and some interesting back waist shaping. Amy Herzog often suggests adding back waist shaping but leaving the front pieces unchanged. This sweater shows why. The Streamside would work well for me and other curvy sisters whose sweaters leave extraneous fabric at our waistlines. Cecily notes that the sample sweater features empire shaping that can easily be moved down to the natural waist or eliminated all together if you don't need it.

I like how Cecily uses a lot of buttons. A pretty look, the extra closures also keep the sweater from gapping and gaping across the bustline.

If I make the Streamside, I'll extend the sleeve length cover my ugly upper arms, but that's a simple mod. And even though they're really cute, I'll lose the pockets because I don't need additional fabric or graphic details at my over-ample hips. I'd be much better off with a plain body.

These days, I'm suffering mightily from spring fever and the Streamside sweater just makes it worse. Heavy winter sweaters be gone! Bring me longer, warmer, sunnier days - and cute little springy Cecily sweaters, too.


  1. That's a cute sweater, I would make it longer for myself though, and 3/4 sleeves, but I like the shaping in the back.

  2. I really, really like this sweater. :) I agree about leaving off the pockets.

  3. It's a classic, isn't it? I really like it, too.