Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cute chick for a cute chick

Know what I'm doing when I'm not knitting sweaters? I'm knitting a cute chick for a cute chick!

I discovered this adorable FREE pattern by Chloe Bunn on Ravelry this week and promptly took myself to Michael's to buy some cheap yellow cotton yarn. I really like this Bernat Cottontots. Soft, pretty color, and only $3.79 a skein... look what I'm missing being such a yarn snob?

It took about two seconds to whip up this sweet little nothing. Just knit a palm-sized piece with some minor shaping, sew up one little seam, and you're done. Add a felt beak and some beads for eyes. Then go buy Cadbury eggs, eat a bunch of them, and use one as "stuffing" for the chick. Give it to your BFF and make her happy for a week (God bless her, it doesn't take much).

If I weren't so busy with the sweaters, I'd be making one of these for everyone I know. Maybe next Easter...


  1. Cute Idea!
    Love the Cadbury egg inside!!!

  2. Thank you so much, what a lovely post - I'm thrilled you liked the pattern x Clobelle

  3. Love your little chick - great idea for a small gift.

  4. thanks, girls, especially Chloe who made such a cute pattern and then gave it away for free!