Monday, April 4, 2011

Hopefully pretty in pink

Now that the Waltham races to the finish line, my mind springs forth to a new project, one I'd like to wear next month to my nephew's Bar Mitzvah. I'm not Jewish, but my nephews are and their parents have been planning this shindig for months.

Here I am with my beloved nephews, Brad and Spencer, at Brad's Bar Mitzvah in 2007. A fun time was had by all (except for me because my jackass boyfriend at the time dumped me right before the event... oh well... I got rid of that jerk and met Tom and am busy living happily ever after, thank you very much).

Now it's Spencer's turn and I'm making an entire ensemble for the big event, starting with Sandi Rosner's Shelby Sailor Tee. I picked this pullover because I want to use all the Fit to Flatter techniques I've learned, and I know from experience that moving color and texture to the shoulders helps balance my bottom-heavy figure.

I'm using Classic Elite Solstice in Pink Tulip for the body and the same yarn in Petal and Natural for the slipped-stitched patterning at the top. This warm-weather yarn combines 70% organic cotton and 30% merino wool.

I swatched part of the stitch patterning this weekend using the same yarn but in different colors. I think it will be pretty, but I know it will be easy! Slipstitch knitting is tremendously simple.

Of course, I'm making lots of mods to the sweater, including:
  • Upsizing it to fit me; it comes to a 52-inch finished bust size, but I need 60 inches at the bust and 72 at the hips.
  • Using the same wacky waist shaping that I did with the Waltham, except this time it's all done in the round so I'm going to have to figure that out - an interesting challenge.
  • Lengthening the sleeves to the elbow to hide my hideous arms and draw attention to my narrower waist.
To go with the sweater, I'm making a four-gore, swingy skirt using a matching rayon/spandex, linen-like floral print. I sewed for years and years when it was impossible to buy even half-way decent plus-sized clothing, so this should be a snap. Here is my virtual planning board for the entire ensemble. Hopefully it will make for a cute, springy outfit.

Now all I have to do is finish the Waltham. Then I'm making this pink sweater which I am appropriately naming Spencer after my beloved nephew. Then it's back to the Early Bird before starting another KAL, this time for the Barton Cardigan from Knitting Plus. So many sweaters, so little time, so much fun!


  1. Beautiful fresh colours Julie, I love them. I`m quite curious about how this set will look like in the end, but I’m sure it will be a lovely Bar Mitzvah outfit. I wish I could sew, Mum tried to teach me in vain, I’m the worst when it comes to sewing. Never got it. :-)

  2. I love the skirt. I wish sewing was one of my talents. Or that I had time for it! haha :)

  3. Very pretty and springy color combos.
    Sewing ...another valuable talent!
    Wish I could sew too!