Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kudos to Knit Simple

Ahoy, matey! When I was up at Kathy Zimmerman's this weekend, I picked up the latest issue of Knit Simple. This year seafaring designs abound and clearly Knit Simple knows nautical. I love the cotton bathing suit cover/pullover hoodie that sports the cover. Imagine my delight to discover that this sailor shirt comes in sizes up to a 55-inches bust and a 60.25-inch hip! Shocking, especially considering Knit Simple is a Vogue publication. Perhaps they've been swayed by our clamouring for larger sizing?

I'd love to make this Mari Lynn Patrick-designed sweater in navy with white trim. I will drop the patterning along the hem and sleeves so I don't underscore my giant bottom, but otherwise it's perfect for me.  A little upsizing and I'll be all set. The design calls for Cascade Pima Tencel, a worsted weight cotton/rayon blend.

Knit Simple offers many other plus-sized options, too. I don't wear sleeveless shirts but the Striped Tank, another Mari Lynn Patrick design, is just adorable. Now that the BBC has declared that horizontal stripes make you look thinner, this cutie is an attractive option. It comes in sizes up to 56-inch bust and a 64-inch hip. I'd lose the giant white stripe along the bottom for the reasons noted above, but what a perfect summer garment. Might be able to wear a little tee underneath, too.

If you're looking for a soft summer cardi, you might want to consider the lacy Mesh Cardigan by Cheryl Murray. Knitted in Lorna's Laces Pearl, a bamboo/silk blend, the v-neck cardigan comes in sizes up to 53-inches.

Top-heavy girls who don't have giant butts like mine would look great in pretty Lace Cardigan, a sleeveless lace vest by Karen Garlinghouse. This design comes in sizes up to 54 inches.

But I've left the biggest (and perhaps best, at least for some girls) for last: Knit Simple's special feature, "One Shape, Four Ways - Lace, texture, and color transform a single silhouette into a very of looks." This "single silhouette" is essentially the simplest of garments: two large rectangles dolled up with different details to make genuinely pretty sweaters. If you look great in simple, boxy shapes, these incredibly easy summer delights are for you. Unbelievably, they all come in sizes up to 68 inches!

This issue of Knit Simple offers many other patterns, too. Given all these plus-size wonders, I definitely think it's worth the $6.99 investment. Remember, if you want the knitting industry to support us, buy what they do offer in plus sizes (unless you hate it, of course). Kudos to Knit Simple for extending its sizing. Please keep up the good work!

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  1. reminded my right away of the bernat pattern
    only with more options!