Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kudos to Mary-Kate

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present Mary-Kate, a woman who had not knitted for 20 years before she belted out this beautiful aria of a Waltham.

Mary-Kate, who created her lovely cardigan in Cascade 220 in Como Blue, proves that knitting may run in the family. Her father began knitting at age six and hasn't stopped yet. I'm guessing he's taught her a thing or two about technique; just look at her Classic Elite Solstice swatch. Perfectly tight and even - a marvel to behold. I recently swatched with this yarn now and didn't do nearly as well.

Mary-Kate is now knitting Lisa Rowe's Solstice 3-Button Jacket from Curvy Knits Park Street. This is her second 3-Button. The first turned out a bit small so she's gifting it to a friend and trying again. However, her first cardigan offers a wonderful lesson in why you should block everything. This before-and-after-blocking pic shows how lovely the sweater looks after wetting, pinning, an drying. (By the way, the colors did NOT change; it's just the camera.) Amazing work, Mary-Kate.

I look forward to seeing what Mary-Kate makes next. I hope she joins me in the Barton Cardigan kal that I plan to do in a couple months (need to finish my three in-process sweaters first). If she's made such beautiful sweaters thus far, can you imagine what her Barton would look like? Keep up the tremendous work, Mary-Kate!


  1. That's a beautiful sweater!!!
    I am sooo impressed and envious. And she's FAST! The Cascate 220 looks just right for that pattern.

  2. It is so pretty! And I love the colors in the Solstice cardigan..
    I wish I could knit like that!

  3. Count me in!

    I'm still on the 1st sleeve of Waltham, but I got a very late start.

  4. I am humbled, truly humbled.

    The Barton swatch is still on my needles, but I'll be ready to go when you are. ~:)

    Thanks for all the support, Julie. You rock!

  5. just finished the semester of flute choir, concert was yesterday and it went well, now i can ditch the anxiety and get back to work on Waltham and then yes, I'm up for Barton...(Dottie)