Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Knitting at Large website

New website alert! The Knitting at Large website is reborn and expanded, too.

Why a new website now? Well, because I've got some fun projects going on behind the scenes, including:
  • For Interweave Knits, I wrote a full-length feature article on Kathy Zimmerman which will appear in the upcoming summer issue - check your mailboxes and newstands soon!
  • For Knitscene, I wrote an article about Amy Herzog and Fit to Flatter. Don't miss this one because Amy designed three great sweaters for the magazine, too. This article will appear in the fall issue.
  • For a major fiber festival in the South, I designed a new, fun logo. More about this when the organization has finalized the new design.
Check out the new site if you have a moment. Thanks, as always, for your support and for reading my blog. I love you. xxxooo


  1. Very Professionally done!Love it!

  2. Julie, your website is great!
    Love the comment about the two loves in your life. Glad Moosie was number one! Even though Tom is cute too.
    That's the way Zip and I feel about our kitties. They are always first in our hearts!

  3. The new website is fabulous, Julie! I'm looking forward to reading those two articles. You have inspired me so many times!