Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Waltham: back in action

I'm on my way! I've finished and blocked the Waltham back and thank goodness, it looks fairly wonderful.

Last we spoke, I worried that my new sweater-to-be looked a bit like a wadded-up washcloth. I finished the back last night and it went straight to the kitchen sink for a good bath. After rinsing and toweling it off, I then pinned the wet-dog-looking sweater to size and went to bed. This morning, the angels smiled upon me, leaving me with a much prettier puppy, as shown below. (The color isn't different, btw. It's just impossible to photograph anything the same way twice. Click on the image below to see it larger. It's amazing to see the  difference between the unblocked and blocked knitting.)

My greatest and happiest achievement is the successful execution of my my modification plan:
  • Adding specific and fairly severe waist shaping that matches my figure exactly
  • Reducing the crossback measurement over four inches to 18 inches
  • Increasing the top of the sleeves so they fit perfectly into the armholes
  • Adding back neck shaping for a better fit around the shoulders and neck
Before I began, I created the following schematic. Isn't it just amazing that the finished pieces match exactly? I can't believe I did this!

Here I am with the piece pinned to my blouse. It looks like it will fit perfectly, but I won't know for sure until I've finished the fronts and seamed everything. But I'm encouraged.

I started the right front last night. Now I can't wait to get this done! The end is in sight - well, sort of anyway. It's kind of like driving back from New York to DC on 95. When you go over the Delaware Memorial Bridge and leave the First State, you feel like you're home - even if it takes you another hour and a half to get to your front door.
I'm on the bridge now. Be home soon. :-)


  1. The yarn 'poofed' right out and it looks very lovely!
    You look so happy sporting that finished section!..and rightly so.
    Knit on, sis, knit on!

  2. Julie, your cables are beautiful. Love the way the blocked back looks. I'm sure the finished product will be lovely, We all need to take the time to do a "fitting" scheme. It really pays off.

  3. This sweater is going to look great on you

  4. Rejoice! and bask in the pleasure of an emerging fabulous sweater and your new-found knowledge. Thanks for sharing it with us, too.


  5. Thank you, girls! You're always so supportive. Don't know what I'd do without you. :-)