Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Screw it

This weekend I officially abandoned the sinking ship known as my Spencer cardigan. After casting off on the second sleeve, I discovered the sleeves weren't the same length, but I figured I could fix this problem with some strategic blocking. Then after I'd pinned everything down, I noticed I'd knitted one sleeve with a size 9 needle and the other with a size 7. What is up with me? Did I knit this damn thing in a coma? Apparently so! Between the screwed up sleeves and the screwed up back, I decided: screw it.

But if at first you don't succeed, go knit something else. So I cast on for Cecily Glowik Macdonald's Streamside Cardi, a cute, summery, buttondown sweater that I've been wanting to try. I'm worried about making it fit; as you may remember, Cecily is my antithesis when it comes to body type.

But so far, so good. My knitting gal pal, Lor has been very encouraging and generous sharing her vast knowledge of knitting mods to help me make this baby fit. Here I am modeling the top of the sweater this morning.

Can I get this done by my nephew's Bar Mitzvah in a few weeks? Maybe yes, maybe no. Regardless, I hope I knit a cute sweater that fits - even if I still won't end up looking like Cecily when I'm finished.


  1. hey hey! Calendar Girls for Knitters! Miss May, by any chance? Love it!

    I like the Glowick Cardigan.

  2. OMG! At least you now have a cute pink collar!
    That is just too humorous!

  3. You are such an intrepid knitter--a frog is a frog and must be dealt with firmly! Congrats on your courage. Love the pink on you, btw. Finishing by the wedding is totally doable with this sweater, I think. --Ann