Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Woo hoo! A new ample knitting book in the works

Thanks to my first and most devoted reader teresa_anawim, I've been chatting with top-down knitwear designer extraordinare Deb Gemmel about plus-size knitting in general - and her upcoming plus-size knitting book in particular!

Deb is perhaps better known as one of the sisters behind Cabin Fever, a company dedicated to creating top-down sweaters that reduce the need for hand seaming. Deb and her sister, Lynne have published a variety of knitting books, including the famous Button Up Your Top Down.

Cabin Fever already sells a variety of plus-size patterns, but Deb announced on her blog today that she is working on a book of top-down, V-neck, plus-size designs:

...I am going to start working on a plus-sized book next. I'm very excited about this project. A book will give me a chance to incorporate all the techniques I've worked on and read about, to make the 'fit' correct. Upsizing this pattern will get me started. I went out today and bought Knitting Plus and is it packed with info! Wonderful stuff. I have also had an email chat with Julie from Knitting At Large blog who is an amazing resource on sizing for ample women. She gave me some excellent advice which I will follow to the T. At the moment writing the pattern involves my calculator, pencil and a BIG eraser. I even had to go and buy a new calculator, I'm a happy camper.
Deb is noodling over how to make sweater that REALLY fit us (rather than big green trash bags with holes for your neck and arms - I know you know all about those).

She's designing raglan patterns that do more than just kinda-sorta fit. It's one thing to make a raglan from a generic formula; it's quite another to make one that  hangs correctly from our shoulders and looks fabulous, too. I can't wait to see what she comes up with.

Although Deb contemplated this book for a while, we learned of her plans when teresa_anawim asked Deb about upsizing the cute A-Line Cardigan #624. Deb originally created this for tweens and then upsized it for adults. She's now working on providing the sweater in extended sizes. It's a great sweater that will flatter most figures - including mine! I'm looking forward to making it one of these days.

I'm going to make my very first raglan ever during the Banstead kal. I'm entering a whole new galaxy and I can't wait to learn all the ins and outs of top-down raglans.

God bless Deb and all the other designers who support ample knitters. Save your pennies, girls. We all need to buy this book as soon as it's published!


  1. I am just eager to knit this!
    I love the concept of no seaming...and then to have them in sizes that don;t have to be sweated over when trying to modifying to fit an ample or higher Plus size?!...perfecto!
    I am so excited to see a designer who is working towards this .

  2. Kudos Cabin Fever Sisters!! Can't wait for your new book!

  3. Oooooo! I can't wait. Thanks for clueing us in. Her patterns are already some of my faves!