Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No rest for the weary

You know you're addicted to knitting when you finish a sweater in the morning and start a new one that very night!

No sooner did I sew on the very last button on the Waltham than I casted on for two new projects - and dreamed up 17 others. I started with the Barton Cardigan, the delightfully cabled sweater designed by Marly Bird. I'm using that first-class Bijou Basin Bliss yarn that served as payment for logo work I did for the Arkansas Fiber Festival Extravaganza. The yarn, which was dyed by Lorna's Laces, simply stuns. I love the mottled color variations in this hand-dyed fiber. At Marly's suggestion, I'm alternating skeins periodically to avoid excessive color pooling.

The Barton looks complicated but it's really not. I easily memorized the stitch pattern and abandoned the chart in short order. Now all I need to do is to keep knitting! We were supposed to have two sleeves completed by today, but I definitely missed that deadline. Finishing the Waltham took top priority.

My second new endeavour: the Margarethe Lace Shawl from Vintage Modern Knits. Kate Gagnon Osborn designed this lovely Faroe shawl using the luscious Road to China Light, but I want and need a bigger shawl. I decided to substitute yarns and am using my favorite Berroco Ultra Alpaca, a worsted weight wool and alpaca blend. The larger gauge yarn naturally gives me a larger shawl; the final dimensions according to my calculations are 39x80 - aka perfect. Another sweet thing about this shawl: I'm making it with the leftovers of Tom's Christmas Sweater. God forbid we ever wear matching clothing! But I still like the idea of wrapping up in a shawl made from Tom's yarn, so to speak.

Before the Waltham is complete history, I'm compiling a list of lessons learned and will be blogging about this shortly. I was also excited this morning to read about Kathy Zimmerman in Kathleen Cubley's Knitting Daily blog post. The blog post also quotes the Interweave Knits article I wrote about Kathy (and mentions my name, too - twice!). Interweave recently published a new e-book with six of Kathy's beautiful cabled pullovers. If you love classic cabled sweaters, this book is a must.


  1. Love your Barton color! I just got started on mine last night; only have 4 rows completed, so I don't really have an idea of how the color is working.

    Love how you just *have* to rub it in that *you* get to use that yummy Bijou Basin yarn! It's Wool of the Andes for us plebs. ;-) Seriously, Julie, I'm tickled you can use the yarn ... it's gorgeous and you will smile every time you slide it on.

    Love the idea of compiling a post-mortem of lessons learned.

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