Friday, June 3, 2011

Plus-size pattern round-up

Let's go shopping! Today I'm taking you to the mall to buy some pretty new knitting patterns designed just for us. Get your purse and hat and don't forget that Visa card. As Betty and Wilma would say: CHARGE IT!

You know how much I love my polar opposite, Cecily Glowik MacDonald. She's out with a new e-book of little summer cardis that I as usual adore. My fav is Tidal, a short-sleeved buttondown that comes in sizes up to 56 inches. She describes Tidal as "A summer jacket with a turned bottom hem, slight puff sleeve caps and slip stitch details. Tidal is worked from the bottom of the body up, split for the armholes, with set in sleeves and picked up neck and buttonbands."

Near the top of my queue is the Mork, a gorgeous pullover with cables that remind me of cathedral columns. Designed by Julia-Farwell-Clay, one of the original minds behind Twist Collective, Mork comes in sizes up to 57 inches. Julia knitted her sample garment in Berroco Ultra Alpaca, my most favorite yarn ever. In fact, I already bought a bunch to make this very sweater.

We all love Marly Bird, especially because she designs such lovely garments for ample girls. One new example: the Lachina vest, available in sizes up to 63 inches, and made out of buffalo yarn. You could easily switch to DK weight yarn though.

I'm not much of a tank top girl, but I do think the Cable Tank Top by Sue McCain is a beauty. Maybe I could wear this as a vest instead? Those of you less trepedatious about showing your arms would look great in this slimming cotton garment. It comes in sizes up to 60.25 inches.

Another cute summer top with a nautical feel comes from the pages of Knitscene Summer 2011. The Rayleigh Tee, in sizes up to 57 inches, was designed by Mandy Moore. She also designed the Poppy Cardigan from Knitting Plus.

Finally, meet Vera Sanon, a designer for Plymouth Yarns who also creates ample patterns for us. She recently released the easy-to-knit Hollywood Flair Top in sizes up to 64 inches. The pattern comes with both sleeved and sleeveless options.

Whew... I need a Diet Coke. I'm going to the eatery to take a break. Happy shopping, girlfriends!


  1. what stunning patterns and in the best sizes lol wish i had the money to buy all the yarn etc and i guess its a american book to? love the blog x

  2. Ooo-la-la! I really love that "Mork!" That's fabulous. And I'm with you on the sleeveless top. Sure is cute, not going there myself!

    I always enjoy your posts. Thanks!