Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bad pictures! Good sweater!

I finished the Laura Petrea - unbelievable since I started only four weeks ago. Please excuse the literally just-rolled-out-of-bed pictures. Truly heinous. But I wanted to show you the sweater right away. I'll post better photos soon.

The whole point of making this sweater was to test the hypothesis that a shorter sweater would be more becoming on me than a longer one. I think this view makes me look thinner and less hippy than anything else I've ever made. Black bottoms sure help, too.

The photo from the back doesn't do the cardigan justice because it should have been pulled down and adjusted prior to picture taking. I added back shaping and an inch of short rows to make the back fit better. These efforts would have been more effective if the waist shaping hit at my waist. As it is, it's hits too low; yet again, I need to move the waist up. I had the same issue with my Waltham.

Now for the good news and the bad news. First the good. By adding that extra inch of short rows in the back, I come closer to evening up the hemline so that my sweater doesn't ride up in the back. It still pitches a little but I think if I'd pulled down the back even a little, the sweater would be even. Next time, I'll do an inch and a half of short rows and see if it does the trick.

Now the bad news, which I don't even need to tell you because you already know yourself. Wow, does my belly show. ACK. And my weird hips are very apparent, too. I think the lighting in this shot doesn't do me any favors but it does underscore my conundrum with sweater length.

My conclusion on the sweater length issue is this: I need two different kinds of sweaters. If I'm wearing a skirt or dresses, I should wear a short, fitted top that fits almost like a medieval bodice. If I'm wearing jeans, I need a longer sweater along the lines of my Handstrikket.

When I post better pics, I'll show you the pretty lace along the sleeves and back, and I'll model my Laura Petrea in a skirt (and wash and dry my hair, too). As always, I'll also post a formal lessons learned. But all in all, I think Amy Herzog's Petrea sure is pretty in pink.

One down, 700 sweaters to go. I desperately needed some mindless knitting last night to I started the sleeve for my Undertoad - aka the Undercurrent by Lisa Kay from the latest Knitty. I knitted more than half the sleeve in an hour and a half! I wish every project moved this quickly. Of course, it's simple knitting that doesn't require concentration or constant frogging because I screwed something up. I'll be interested to see how these colors come together over the garment. We'll see. I'm thinking of making this sweater a long one since it will definitely be a companion to my jeans, but I'm still cogitating...


  1. Julie--I can't tell you enough how I admire everything you do with your knitting projects. I will be honest--I choose a size 40 or a L or whatever and go to town. You are unbelievably dedicated to knitting for your size; all of your measurements, calculations, short rows, etc. have me in awe. I should be knitting more appropriately and seriously. I just pick it up and go (sometimes the results say just that!!!).
    Anyway, as I have said before--after your 'Killing' entry--I love your blog, your sense of humor, your subject matter, Moose, etc!!! You inspire me regardless of my size or yours or anyones for that matter! Your Laura Petrea is absolutely gorgeous, and you look mahvelous in it, dahling!!!
    I am looking forward to the whole ball of wax!

  2. I can't say this any more beautifully than Barb T already has. Amazing project that looks fantastic on you and proves your thoughts, short for skirts and long for jeans :-) Great job, beautiful colour and a gorgeous girl, whatever size shape or colour she is, you're amazing xx

  3. I really love the lace,the color and the length.
    However, I do agree with you that different bottoms require different length sweaters!I can see that from the project photos.
    Gee, that lace is absolutely gorgeous.Love it on the sleeves.
    Another job well done and lesson shared with us amples.
    Thanks Julie

  4. Julie, if that's your 'just-got-out-of-bed' look, you are a lucky woman! You look lovely and the sweater is perfect. The fitting just keeps getting better and better. I do agree about different lengths for jeans or skirt.
    The next sweater already??? I love that year!!!

  5. Its gorgeous and I agree about the length. Just right for being a little more dressy and professional. It depends on what else you are wearing. That sweater from Knitty is great isn't it? I've been humming and hawing about it too.

  6. I can't believe how quickly you knit! I admire your dedication to getting the project done, and done right! You are an inspiration.

  7. I'm very jealous of your quickly-growing selection of beautiful hand-knit sweaters! I'm been "working" (sometimes) on the same sweater (my first for me) for two years!

    Your Laura Petrea is beautiful. I don't remember seeing the Handstrikket before, either and it is also beautiful. Did you make that pattern up yourself? Is it documented anywhere?

  8. I really like that length on you. It looks great. And can you wear pink or what!!

  9. Pink is SO YOUR COLOR! Amazing. I'm totally interested to see shots that are more comparable to your other pics; thanks for doing such a fabulous job on the sweater!

  10. I can't wait to have the cajones to try knitting a sweater. Well that and the money. :) I think that sweater compliments you perfectly. Thank you for the inspiration.

  11. Julie, your Laura Petrea is just beautiful. The length is exactly right, I think. All the work you do to get it right is amazing. You GO girl! Can't wait to read your final analysis.

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you all! Xxxooo

  13. Yup, I have the very same problem as you & have come to the same conclusions, long over fitted bottoms so the belly is covered & short over loose bottoms like summer skirts, loose shorts etc. Love your sweaters, especially your Laura Petrie!!!!