Friday, July 22, 2011

Better pictures! Good sweater!

Well, I still didn't manage to do my hair and the photos still suck, but at least you can get a better view of my new Laura Petrea. Today I took pics in three different outfits. Let's start with the denim skirt. I like this look the best, but I knew from experience that a shorter sweater would work well with this skirt. I love the lacey cami peaking out from the neckline.

Next up, jeans with a white shirt. This looks better than I thought it would frankly, but I still lose my waist. I might get it back if I rolled up the sleeves to my elbows. I like the collar. I didn't think of this sweater as a vest, but it sure could be one.

Finally, a white, summery skirt. I thought I'd be able to wear this sweater with a white skirt during the summer, but the cardi is too wooly and warm for me. The Laura Petrea will be great for spring and fall and even winter with something underneath, but it's out for midsummer. If DC weren't in the middle of a heat wave, and if it wasn't 100 degrees here at 11:00 AM, I might feel differently. :-)

I'm still contemplating lessons learned on this sweater. I hope to blog about what I've learned this weekend. For now, analysis continues...


  1. Hi Julie,
    You did a great job on this sweater. I hope you enjoy wearing it!

    I wanted to alert you to new Plus sized pattern by Deb Gemmel at Cabin Fever. It goes up to size 5x (bust size 64.5").

    I have no involvement with Deb, or Cabin Fever. I just happened to read her blog, and thought this top-down plus sized pattern was cute. It has some nice interest at the neck (to take the focus away from my big belly), and I like the 3/4 sleeves, which I think are flattering for plus sized women like myself.

    Anyway, I'm glad to see more plus sized designs becoming available. Thanks for posting many of these designs on your blog.

    Congratulations on your lovely sweater.

  2. Pretty, pretty! I especially like the "stealth" lace at the back of the neck. It doesn't show well in the photos, but you had mentioned it, so I was looking for it! Bet it's really cute in person.

    The different lengths for "skirt" sweaters as opposed to "pants" sweaters was something it took me a while to learn, but since I'm a dedicated shirttail-out person, it finally clicked with me.

    One thought on the sweater worn over the white shirt, with jeans. Try tucking in the shirt-tails. I love the layered look but pesonally don't like to see the tails of the under shirt hanging below the oversweater. Personal choice, I know. Just try it both ways and see what you think.

    Overall, I think I like it best with the white skirt. (Though I also understand your reluctance to wear wooly sweater & camisole underneath in hot weather! I have to wear a cami under my Squirrel Monkey and consequently don't wear it much at all.

    --Lynda in Oregon

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! You look beautiful and I agree it works best with the denim skirt. But I like that this sweater has versatility! Gosh you are good about finishing things! (I usually am but waltham and rock island are HIBERNATING and I don't know why!) Good job my friend!

  4. Julie--YOU make Laura Petrea look wonderful; I really like the casual look cuz I am a blue jeans kinda gal! I must admit, the thought of wearing them right now, though, makes me nauseous!!! The heat everywhere is insufferable!!!

  5. Great knit! I'm finding myself most attracted to the pairings with the jeans and black slacks. With yours (and my) sort of figure, I prefer not presenting my entire nether region to be as wide as my widest part. But that's just me, and I'm certainly have nothing against the comforts and pleasures of skirts in summer heat.


  6. The sweater really looks nice with all the bottoms, but I think the denim skirt is particularly attractive.
    I too have a hard time accepting the shirt hanging below the sweater look. Just old-fashioned, I guess.
    Anyhow, you look lovely!!!

  7. Not trying to be a contrarian, but I like the sweater best with the black pants. Very good knitting job. Mary in Cincinnati

  8. Julie I think your sweater is beautiful.
    I'm 65, but not old fashioned and I disagree with the comments about tucking in your shirt. I think the shirt tails give you extra length, cover the butt, and emphasize your slimmer legs, all the while keeping the focus on the sweater. Were it me ( and I am always suppressing my inner Olsen twin and forcing myself to look age appropriate, whatever that is) I would go farther and consider a long blouse but in a deep color (grey? brown? navy?) or a contemporary print, and I would consider leaving the front unbuttoned: I think that the buttoned up sweater emphasizes a horizontal line, with a large block of solid, and that something narrower down the center fools the eye. Also, a deeper or darker color would highlight the lace pattern and make it a stronger feature...the white kind of disguises it. You are obviously a person with a strong personality (a good thing) and you could pop the styling a little bit more and let the pretty sweater really shine!.