Saturday, July 2, 2011

Killer sweaters from "The Killing"

A few months ago, Tom and I watched AMC's new drama, "The Killing," mostly because Mirielle Enos starred in this Seattle-based whodunit. I fully expected Kathy and/or Jodean Marquart to appear on screen. Mirielle so inhabited those twin sisters in "Big Love" it was hard to imagine she could play anyone else.

But this time, Mirielle portrays the ever-complicated detective Sarah Linden who slogs through 13 episodes of perpetual rain to solve the case of a murdered teenager. I won't bore you with the plot details; if you're interested in catching the show (which I give 8 out of 10 stars), the series re-airs on AMC starting Sunday, July 17.

Instead, I want to share the beautiful sweaters donned both by Mirielle and her Danish counterpart, Sofie Gråbøl, in "Fobrydelsen," the show on which "The Killing" is based.

Let's start with the hallmark Fair Isle sweater for both series, the one the actresses wore for all the publicity shots. The Danish version appears to be quite the rage in Europe; I found several commercial knock-offs of this exact sweater. All Fiber Arts, a UK knitting blog, even provides the Faroese chart for this sweater and links to the yarn!

The American version is, well, more American. This pullover sports a finer gauge yarn (meaning smaller, not better) and a simplified, much reduced motif.

The Danish designer liked the cream and brown sweater so much she made it in reverse and changed up the motif a bit. Don't you bet these sweaters, knit in bulky unprocessed wool, itch unbearably?

Similarly, Mirielle also wears a Fair Isle sweater that mimics her hallmark sweater. I really love this colorwork pullover in heathery greens and plums.

The American costumers copied one sweater almost exactly. This pullover features an interesting textured yoke where Fair Isle would usually appear. My only complaint: Mirielle's sweater definitely needs to be blocked! Look at that neckline.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any other photos of "Forbrydelsen" sweaters, but here are two more Mirielle wears in the American version. I wish I could see the "Forbrydelsen" equivalents; I bet they're lovely. First, a gorgeous charcoal gray wool cabled pullover. LOVE.

And second, a finer gauge wool cabled and ribbed turtleneck in taupe.

The season finale has now aired so there won't be any more sweaters for a while. But the good news is that AMC has renewed the show. Let's hope the Danes have done the same and that we'll have more sweaters to drool over next year.

Speaking of Danes and Americans, I am reminded of my own love affair with the beloved Tom. He is half Danish but his father had no say in his appearance since he looks like he just got off the boat from Copenhagen. Meanwhile, I'm sure I look like the quintessential American between being fat and having perfect, orthodontically altered, white teeth. I bet his Danish ancestors smile down upon us, especially since I make handknitted Nordic sweaters they'd all be proud to wear.


  1. I just love your blog!!! I absolutely loved "The Killing" and all those gorgeous sweaters, so I really enjoyed this entry.

  2. Barb, I knew there had to be at least one other person who would appreciate this story! Thx so much for reading.

  3. I think the reason you couldn't find anymore sweaters for the original series is because those are the only ones she wore! I watched the first original series with subtitles and the cream one and brown one were the only ones she wore, kind of like a pullover layer over other shirts.

  4. Don't forget the gorgeous black and gold one from the second Season (American version) - I'm drooling over that sweater!

    I love these sweaters and was working on reverse-engineering every one, until I found this post, where you have such helpful links - thank you very much.

    The grey pullover is also a favorite of mine, but I have yet to get a screenshot of her in it at high enough resolution and standing up in just that sweater (no coat) to be able to figure out entirely what is going on with it. If you find any links to THAT sweater, please post them here?

    Thank you for a wonderful blog.

  5. Sweater for the third season of The Killing just revealed! It turns out that the pattern is the same as from season 1, just in new colors.

  6. The other female characters wore gorgeous sweaters, too, especially Mitch, but also some very minor "walk ons." In an early Season 1 episode a woman was greeting the candidate at her doorstep; the character was on a fixed income, but was wearing the most gorgeous cabled cardigan!

    We need a book featuring patterns for all the sweaters in show.

  7. Please credit the Faroe Islands, not Denmark or Scotland (Fair Ilse) when you talk about these sweaters. The craftswomen and shepherds who make these products possible do not appreciate having their efforts and heritage credited to their more numerous or richer neighbors. The London Guardian had a great pictoral essay recently about the knitters of the Faroe Islands. The world Faroe actually means Sheep in their ancient language and while they are a protectorate of Denmark (like Iceland was before their independence) the Faroese have one of the oldest parliaments in the world, they descended from Norwegians and their language is almost the closest we can get to the original Viking.

  8. Hello! I just came across this blog & I love that you are had a conversation about the Sarah Linden sweaters. I worked on all 4 seasons of The Killing AMC. Some of our sweaters did come from Gudrun & Gudrun eg. the navy. A few of our other sweaters as you show above are to the credit of Harley of Scotland and Aran Islands, Ireland.

    1. How cool to hear from you! A million kudos for your fabulous work and for putting gorgeous sweaters center stage, so to speak, in The Killing.