Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Moosie update

Teresa, the very first and most supportive Knitting at Large reader, asks, "Where's Moose these days? How 'bout some photos of the old boy on the blog?"

You got it! This morning, Moose is doing what he's always doing: sleeping. He's worse than a cat. But that's why I wanted a pug. We had one growing up and all he did was sleep. Last thing I need is some bounding ball of energy. Low-energy pug matches me completely.

I hate knitting blogs that don't talk about knitting so I plied Moose with new yarn I've acquired during all the summer sales. Moose was very compliant - until he wasn't. And then he was again. :-)

He's cuddled up in yarn as we speak. But if I said "treat," or "convertible," or "stew," or "Tom," he'd wake right up and be all ready to go.

Here's my favorite Moosie pic taken a few months ago. He's wearing my Early Bird (I need to get back to that project, don't I?). I love that old Moose. Good dog!


  1. So cute! What a dog. Ginger, my pom, is the same way, but she's atypical for a pom. All laid back until you say the magic words 'treat', 'breakfast', 'supper', 'wanna go for a ride?', 'go get Jack'(our bunny), or 'cookie'.

  2. Ahh there he is!
    In the first few photos he looks like he is wondering "Will it be a hat, vest,coat or boots again this time?..Well, que sera' sera'! "
    Moose is the Man, and what would this blog be w/o its mascot Moose?
    Thanks for the update and don;t let him be such a stranger to the blog!t_a

  3. He's such a good patient boy!
    I always thought if we got a dog it would be a pug, mostly because of their cat-like habits. No jumping jacks and yappers for me! Give me a dog that likes to sit around as much as I do.
    Moosie, you are a winner!!!

  4. Moose is so sweet...that cute little face...and he loves yarn, too! I think we need to have a weekly Moose report, with lots of photos of course. :)