Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pretty Laura

It's definitely summer in Washington: we've had more than seven consecutive days above 90 degrees and it's as humid as a damp washcloth. No matter. I knit year-round regardless of the weather as evidenced by the finished front of my Laura Petrea. Now it's lazing around in my dining room like a sunbathing, out-of-school teenager. Lucky girl.

I was unsure about the lace, but now that it's blocked, it's beautiful. In pink, it's so delicate.

The photo below shows how the back neck lace coordinates with the front panels. I think it works well. Isn't my Petrea pretty in pink?

My next decision: what to do with the sleeves. The pattern calls for bell sleeves with a lace border, but Amy Herzog told me to forgo the bell sleeves because the Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage isn't drapey enough. I'm know I'm going to make them elbow length. I just need to decide whether to include lace above the garter ribbing.

Last night I casted on for the other side . Full steam ahead - regardless of my hot and humid misery.


  1. I'd say include the lace if you like it! And you probably know better than me about the drape, by the way, now that you've knit the front and the back. :)

  2. That looks like a most fun knit!
    Great going, Julie!(thumb up)
    Love the soft pink.

  3. You are fast! It looks beautiful in pink. Maybe a little triangle of lace like the back of neck would be a nice touch.

  4. Good God, Julie, you are FAST! Love the color, your mods .... looks SO good.


  5. the color with the lace is stunning. the lace on the back is perfect!!

  6. Gorgeous! I second Deb's idea of a triangle of lace at the sleeve cuff, finished with three rows of (what looks like) garter stitch. Or just knit them straight, no lace, and finish with three rows of garter stitch.

  7. See...I was beginning to think it was only ME. You ARE fast in others' opinions as well. I just have to learn that combined method this year 4 sure t_a