Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rounding third

If knitting were baseball, I've rounded third and am racing my way to the plate. The body pieces for my Laura Petrea are home safe and resting in the dugout and now my first sleeve is up to bat.

I'm forgoing the bell sleeves and instead making a conventionally shaped, elbow-length sleeves. I've decided to do as Deb Gemmell and some other folks suggested and put the same motif from the back on the sleeves, except upside down; it will look something like this with three garter ridges as ribbing.

I've put some accessories in my lineup, too. First, I found a pink camisole buried in my underwear drawer that I didn't even remember I had! It will be perfect to wear under this sweater to keep my bra from peeking through. It just needs to be washed to get out all the wrinkles.

And second, I stumbled across a gorgeous rose quartz necklace on the Sundance website. It would be PERFECT for this sweater - but it's $225 plus shipping! Not happening. So I poked around Etsy for a while and found a terrific vendor, EyeWantIt, who agreed to make a custom crocheted and beaded necklace designed just for my Laura Petrea. It turned out beautifully and cost only $40!

Oh... and I found some perfect, tiny metal buttons on Etsy, too. I love Lyanwood, the button vendor, who has hundreds of buttons from China you've never seen before. I bought three different sets of little buttons but these are the best for this sweater. She's inexpensive, too; I bought ten of these buttons for $6.00.

I started the sleeves last night. Let's hope they are big hits so I can score a home run with my Laura Petrea!


  1. Gal, you are going to be the bee's knees!
    Dressed to the 9's.
    That outfit is so feminine and well coordinated.
    Love Deb's suggestion re the sleeves.
    U Go GIRL!
    Tom will be ready to Tango.

  2. I'm glad to have some part in your lovely sweater. It's wonderful how everything is falling into place so nicely.

  3. Julie--Your sweater looks absolutely gorgeous, and with the custom-made necklace--wow!!!
    You are something else.