Monday, July 11, 2011

Sweaters fit for a duchess

WWKW? What would Kate wear? Today I survey the sweater choices of the future Queen, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Which is your favorite?  Which would you most like to make? Leave a comment on the blog with your choice.

1. The elegant, handknitted angora cardi she wore to her wedding reception. Stunning, simple, and regal all at once.

2. Kate goes to Walmart in a green ruffled shawl.

3. A cotton knit sailor dress seemingly designed to match her (and earlier, Priness Diana's) gorgeous sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

4. Now the inverse: a navy and white crocheted blouse that again matches the glorious engagement ring.

5. Kate hits the slopes in a bulky fair isle black and white cap.

6. Kate runs errands in a classic pink cardigan.

7. Kate must run lots of errands. Here she is in a black or navy cardigan.

8. Kate either walks the dog or does something with a horse - can't tell. But here she tops her white jeans with a fitted, v-neck lacey cardi.

9. Check out the groovy hat from my junior high school days. And lightweight v-neck light robin's egg blue  pullover.

10. More errands! This time in a fuschia ribbed wrap sweater.

11. And finally, Kate in her knitwear finest!

So what say ye? Which is your favorite Kate sweater? And which would you most like to make? Leave your comments below. (BTW, my personal fav: the angora reception cardi. Pure perfection.)


  1. The English are so "essential" and "basic" when it comes to everything!
    So I can see Kate in nothing but simple knits like "essential Cardigan"
    and "Basic Black"

    What would I knit for myself? Ouch! this is painful. I wouldn;t even DARE to invision myself in something Kate would wear other than the Basic Black seeing I am built more like Queen Elizabeth and would have the chubbiness of Queen Victoria if I didn;t diet all the time.. Waif-like I am not and never will be, so I answer this personal part of the asked question in all honesty. ANYTHING I would knit for myself and model would look so "other" from Kate's pictures. So I will choose from plus/ample modeled sweaters.


  2. I feel mischievous today..
    re: the white angora jacket...
    On an ample it would look like the
    Abominable Snowman....all that fluff would make an ample look twice as fluffy!!!!!LOL JMO
    ok...I'll behave.

  3. I love the pink cardigan. Simple and elegant and a pocket to give it a little style!

  4. Love your Laura P and--I just found you today--LOVE your blog! Thank you for your honest assessments and straightforward comments. LOVE that you show your fit model and all the details. Wish I had the exact same shape as you so I could just copy your notes (you know, like in seventh grade math)!

  5. Hester from AtlantaJuly 11, 2011 at 3:20 PM

    Well, of course I think the one she is wearing from the Knitted Wedding Book is the best of all, but my personal favorite is the sweet light pink cardigan. I would look like a Hostess snack cake, the pink snowball ones with the pink cononut, the marshmellow topping and the choclocake cake inside (I can't even spell chocolate today at all). but I sure could eat some.

    bye for now - Hester

  6. Hi Julie, it's hard to choose a favourite as Kate seems to have a simple elegance to everything she wears. Her Mother obviously took both daughters to have their colours 'done' at an early age lol. I love the navy/white crochet blouse, the pink cardigan, the robins egg blue sweater is also super cute. But let's face it, you could put a bin bag on this girl and she'd still look amazing lol xxx

  7. I think Kate looks her best in something simple & elegant like that navy crocheted blouse! Simply stunning on her!!! I would look dreadful in most of her sweaters but the fuchsia wrap really turns me on - it's my color & a wrap is great for my watermelon figure.

  8. I love Kate's style: unfussy and elegant, even with super-casual wear. My favorite is the pale, pale pink cardigan ... a classic she can wear for all time. Also love the pale robin's egg blue v neck sweater. It's so light and looks almost weightless, so I'd bet it's cashmere. A beautiful sweater, at any rate.

    A fun blog post!

  9. Loved the white knit suit with sailor collar and navy trim . . . on Kate! ;-) If I was duplicating one of these for myself, it would be the robin's-egg blue V-neck pullover.

    BTW . . . I **hate** the shawl. It managed the nearly impossible -- making her look dowdy -- and that color is one of the few that I dislike intensely. Your mileage may vary!

    --Lynda in Oregon