Monday, July 25, 2011

The unlikely Under Toad

I spent the weekend knitting (are you shocked? NOT?) and finished the Under Toad sleeves. This project just flies. Although it's straight stockinette, the Under Toad (aka Lisa Kay's Undercurrent from Knitty) keeps me awake because of the color changes. Bottom line, it's a really fun knit.

I'm making my Under Toad with Berroco Remix in Strawberry and Plymouth Kudo in 52 Magenta Teal Burgundy. Although the Kudo is a smidge smaller, the yarns look like they were made by the same hand. Remix, made from nylon, cotton, acrylic, silk, and linen recycled fibers, offers the same tweediness as the variegated Kudo, a cotton, rayon, and silk blend.

Now here's the strange thing. I knitted one sleeve and then promptly casted on for the second. When I finished the cuff, I thought it was funny that the new cuff had the same colored stripes as the first. By the time I knitted to the elbow, I realized that the second sleeve matched the first exactly! I didn't even try! What is the statistical likelihood that I would get matching sleeves with zero effort? I'm shocked - all while my anal retentive side prances happily down the street. Symmetry rocks.

I started the back last night. Instead of doing the 2 x 2 rib which would pull the sweater in around my mighty derriere, I created a 5x5 rib. This approach maintains the look of ribbing, eliminates the contracting fabric, and keeps the bottom from rolling up. 

My plan is to make this sweater longer and with more ease to wear with jeans. I'm adding waist shaping via vertical darts however. I don't want a baggy sweater; I just want one that's becoming and comfortable to wear.

Meanwhile, I'm also working on my lessons learned for the Laura Petrea. Stay tuned... I'll post my post mortem the next day or two.


  1. That is so strange about the sleeves!!!!
    Looking at the balls of yarn it seems as if there are tiny silver flecks, but I can't see it in the knitted fabric. Are my eyes playing tricks?
    What a lovely fall knit!
    A Moose-walking cardigan perhaps?(By the is the old boy? Haven't heard much about him on the blog!!)
    St St made interesting by the it.

  2. Thanks, Teresa! There are lots of white flecks, not silver but sort of silvery. Glad you like it... I'm really enjoying the simple knit. After the Waltham, I need some cruise-control knitting!

  3. Love the colors, and I love the pattern. It's on my list of someday, but that will be a long time coming --- unless I find a great substitute yarn that's significantly cheaper, or find a huge bargain on the suggested yarns!

  4. Julie, that is amazing. It couldn't have turned out better if you had planned it! The luck of the knitting gods were smiling!
    I really like that yarn and the colors you're using.

  5. Brilliant idea with the ribbing Julie! I must try this when I do mine!

  6. I was just over on Ravelry and saw a few more advanced photos of your Toad and...WOW! where did you ever find those buttons to match the mix so PERFECTLY?
    Now I wonder how much I have missed by not searching Rav more thoroughly!!! t_a