Monday, August 8, 2011

From tadpole to a teenage toad

Wasn't it just yesterday that the Under Toad (aka Lisa Kay's Undercurrent) incubated in my brain, waiting to be born? Amazingly, in just a few weeks she's blossomed from a tiny tadpole to teenager. Soon she'll be ready for college - or autumn anyway.

Honestly, it's a fast, easy knit, perfect for August doldrums. I've focused on mods, especially differential waist shaping, meaning that I've made the back one shape and the front another. You know how most sweaters are shaped like this?

Given that almost every knitting pattern uses this shape most people must be; perhaps you are, too. But I am not. There's not a rectangle or square on my whole damn body! So I'm making a sweater that I (think, hope, and pray) matches my shape.

As you can see, the front is narrower through the hips but wider at the armscye, giving more room for my bustiness in the front. I'm hoping this resolves the issue I had with the Laura Petrea. By adding an inch or two at the front, the sweater should fit better through the bust and make armscye flow better without pulling out of shape.

By narrowing the upper back, the extraneous fabric at my waist hopefully disappears. Given how well the sweater fits my dress form, this appears to be the case. I shortened the armhole depth to 11 inches to eliminate extra fabric at my waist, too.

Last week, I stumbled across a wonderful button vendor on Etsy, BeckySueCreations. I bought these buttons for the Deb's Cardigan I'm starting (this KAL begins September 10). But when I received these buttons, I knew they were made for the Under Toad. Becky Sue created these using polymer clay so they're incredibly light and won't weigh down the plackets and buttonholes. I love them! I bought two other sets of buttons from her, too. More on those in an upcoming blog post.

To sum up, my remaining tasks on the Under Toad include:
  1. Finishing the second front
  2. Knitting the hood
  3. Knitting the ribbing around the hood and the plackets
  4. Seaming and finishing
  5. Blocking
Darn. I thought I was almost done. Doesn't it always seem to be this way? When you get to the end of a project, it always seems to draaaaagggggggggg......


  1. I am surely going to try that pattern in a similar yarn. The thing is multi colors this year.
    About buttons: I like the others because they look more seasonal..fall-ish. These look more spring.
    JMO(I know..ya didn;t ask)
    I like what you did with the shaping. It has a nice form and drape. This one is a winner and a keeper !!!! Kudos.
    Now to go back and see what yarn combos you used.(with my luck it'll be the allergy stimulating Alpaca)LOL.t_a

  2. Oh my word... you are just trucking right along there, and those buttons are a perfect match...

  3. Quick work and one more step along the way to a perfect sweater! I am large busted and always knit my front piece larger than the back by having vertical darts above the waist line rather than changing the armscye. I remove the extra fabric during armhole shaping by having a line of decreases that angle back to the armhole. Just another idea to throw into the mix :). Sue

  4. Oh how I hate to seam!! haha I love the buttons! I seem to be developing a love for them! THe sweater looks great Julie! I can't wait to see the hood! (I have yet to attempt a hood, I am irrationally scared for them!)