Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A little green for the Green Mountains

I received an email from Webs today. The knitting nirvana wants to remind me that its annual summer sale ends August 31, so wouldn't I like to buy even more yarn to stick in my yarn shower?

Off I went in rabid pursuit. I'm currently in love with Nashua Creative Focus Worsted and discovered that Webs has this gorgeous yarn on sale in a chunky weight. Perfect for that Brigid I've been wanting to make! Which color? The heathery lavender? Or maybe that soft light blue?

In the middle of this decision, I got distracted. I learned that my beloved Vermont still reels from Hurricane Irene. Four people died in the Green Mountain State, and flooding has decimated some communities so badly they remain inaccessible. No one yet knows the fate of these poor souls.

If you told me to go home, I'd head straight to Vermont. I've vacationed there for years and dream of moving there one day - for the summers anyway. I work 51 weeks a year so I can spend one week in Vermont. I wanted to visit this fall but the hurricane has now dashed that hope. Tom and I were in Vermont last September; here is one photo from that glorious trip.

There's really only one thing I can do so I did it. I took that splurge money I was going to send to Webs and donated it instead to the Red Cross of Vermont and the New Hampshire Valley. Far better to invest in the place that I love than to buy yet another skein of yarn.

If you would like to help the people of Vermont, donate to the Red Cross. To learn more about the devastation, check out this heartbreaking article from the Huffington Post. And if nothing else, please add Vermont to your prayers. These people need all the help they can get.


  1. I,too, share in your sorrow. What a terrible "act of nature". Thanks for the post on this blog! xo CLK

  2. I knew that I liked you for a reason. Vermont is my "heart-home" also. My husband and I have a condo in Manchester, and my son went to Green Mountain College in Poultney after a year at Landmark College in Putney. We are all sick about the damage to "our" state. My son is trying to find out how he can help. He's a great cook and wants to volunteer to work at a soup kitchen up there, since he's between jobs right now.

    Good for you for making such a wonderful request on your blog. Thank you.