Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oh my goodness, thank you!

A hearty thank you and a big hug for all the kind words about the Under Toad. You're always good to me but I'm overwhelmed by all the compliments here and on Ravelry and Facebook, too.

And even more, thank you for showing up regularly and reading my musings. You'll never know how much I appreciate your attention and support. You all just absolutely ROCK. xxxooo


  1. Julie,
    You deserve every compliment on the Undertoad! It's a beautiful sweater and it fits you wonderfully. You are getting so good at the mods. I am so jealous! (in a nice way!) We in the Plus Sized Knitting World look to you as the shining example. Our fearless leader!
    I thank You for showing me that it is possible to be large and still make a sweater that fits perfectly and looks great.

  2. a lot has been accomplished along the journey.
    Hey...I like the plus size huggers, too!! (pudding face grin)

  3. Julie, You are so deserving of all the kudos! Each sweater you have knit has been its own journey, and you have taken all your lessons and improved on every single one. It's a real accomplishment, a tour de force. :-) I have learned so much from you ... we are on the same journey, with you as the jedi master. hehe.


  4. Aww you are so cute! Love you Julie! The sweater is fabulous just like you! Whats on the needles now?